Safeguarding Statement

How do we keep your children safe at St Giles Academy?

 Your children and their health, safety and well being are our number one priority.

 Child Protection

All staff receive appropriate training in Safeguarding and Child Protection to ensure that they are aware of the school’s procedures for child protection and their responsibilities.

We have a written policy and procedures for Child Protection and Safeguarding which complies with Local Authority guidance.

The Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

1 Mr M Starbuck

2. Mrs A Smalec

3. Mrs S Ewens

The Designated Governor for Safeguarding is James Barron

The Designated teacher responsible for Looked after Children is Mr M Starbuck

All the staff who work in our school have had special safety and security checks made.

 There are a number of security systems in place to make sure that everyone who enters the building is accounted for:

  • There is fencing all around the building which is checked every day to make sure that there has been no damage.
  • Once your children are in school all gates are locked except the main gate which is the only way that visitors can get onto school premises.
  • We want to welcome visitors to school to share all the amazing things that the children do, but we also have to make sure that we can not let anybody just walk in to the building. For this reason every visitor has to sign in and out of the school and wear a visitors lanyard. Anyone not wearing a lanyard will be challenged.
  • Staff wear a lanyard as well.
  • CCTV is used at the school to check outside areas including car parks and playgrounds.

Health and safety is very important to us:

  • Every area has an evacuation plan in case there is a fire or other emergency. We have regular fire drills so that the children know how to exit the building in an emergency.

In our school, safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility every day and we take our responsibility very seriously:

Our first and foremost priority is to keep your children safe and healthy. Under the current OFSTED framework safeguarding is a key indicator of what constitutes a good school. Keeping your child safe means:

  • Ensuring that all staff have safety and security checks
  • Protecting children from deliberate harm
  • Being an anti-bullying school
  • Being proactive against racist behaviour
  • Being proactive against attempts to indoctrinate children in to any form of extreme ideology
  • Protecting children from harassment and discrimination
  • A positive approach to behaviour management including the use of physical intervention safely, when necessary
  • Meeting the needs of children with medical conditions
  • Providing first aid
  • Protecting children from drug and substance abuse
  • Enabling children to enjoy safe educational visits
  • Caring for children’s personal needs
  • Keeping children safe when using the internet and making sure they are aware of cyber bullying.
  • Making sure our school is secure and safe
  • Being a ‘listening school’

Ensuring that children know who to go in school if they have a problem

Safeguarding Policy 2017/18

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