RAF Falcons Visit

R.A.F Falcons

The following reports have been written by some of our year 5 pupils.

On Thurday 25th June 2015 the fantastic RAF Faclons jumped out of the Falcons (plane) on St Giles Academy’s field. The team jumped out of their aircraft at 9:30 traveling at 120 miles per hour(mph). They were led by the team leader who had  white smoke travelling behind him, his name was Flight Lieutenant Ollie Smith.


Ollie Smith supports a football team called Tottenham FC which are in the barclays premier league. He was born in Lincolnshire June 1986. Ollie studied History at Newcastle University and graduated with a BA(Hons) in 2007. After completion of initial officer training at RAF college Cranwell in June 2010, he was posted to RAF Coningsby as OC training Development. Immediately deployed in support of NATO air operations over Libya, Ollie returned to the UK prior to qualifying as a parachute jumping instructor in 2012. He completed a tour as OC Military Training Flight, delivering parachute training to UK Airborne Forces. It’s Ollie’s second year with the Falcons and he enjoys a wide range of activities. He has achieved his Private Pilot Lessons, he plays football at station level.

At St Giles Academy all of their faces were absolutely surprised.

CPL Ryan Norris 2nd year in  the R.A.F

Ryan was born in Tredegar, south wales in January 1989 where he was educated in Tredegar comprehensive school. Ryan joined the R.A.F in 2006 as a physical training instructor and has completed tours at DCAE Cosford and DISC Chicksand as well as a detachment to RAF Honington. He was selected for Parachute Jumping Instructor duties in August 2010. On completion of training he has carried out PJI duties Military Training Flight and Continuous Training Flight in which he was responsible for static line parachute training to airborne forces. Ryan was selected for duties as RAF Falcon in 2013. He enjoys general fitness and has represented the RAF and Combined Services at swimming.



Today was a very special day for me and my school because RAF falcons came here at OUR SCHOOL! It was amazing because they dropped from an air plane in our field. While they were in the sky smoke was coming of them they were making different kinds of shapes. They handed out booklets also I got some of their signatures. I got Flt Lt Kirk Evans, Flt Sgt Ceri Marsham, Ryan Norris and lots of others. I felt really amazed and we asked lots of questions too. I felt like they were actually flying like birds. I was so shocked it felt like my heart was in my mouth and was about to burst. One of them was called Paul Smith which is the same name as one of the boys in our class. The plane flew 5 times around the field to give them time to get ready. Parents were allowed to come but they had to watch from the other side. It felt like I was in heaven. RAF are heroes. They have to wear a pro tracker, radio, helmet, goggles, altimeter and gloves, flag bag, jumpsuit, smoke canisters; lastly they have to put on a parachute assembly. They had a challenge to land were the crosses were but nobody landed on them. RAF supports sick and ill babies at the john Radcliffe hospital oxford. When they train they have to go in an air tank and it make them fly without the power suit. On the book that they gave us their pictures were on the back of them.

Today we had a great day with a visit from the RAF falcons. We all came on the field waiting for the aeroplane to come above us and people to shoot out with parachute. Then we saw people doing little love hearts in the air. Then the people came down.   Everyone was worrying, and then the RAF came.  They were  swirling and  they were on their way down. They let  red and blue smoke out  of their parachute . They were  in the air for a long time.

When  they landed, every one was realy excited. Also when they landed there were some blue and red smoke coming out and it made shapes. They could have hurt their selves coming down from very high in the sky but they landed very safely on the  grass. They  landed beside a cross that was green and one which was orange, and it also  looked like a cross.

When they were finally arrived on the ground, they took their parachutes off and they gave out books to all the children in St Giles Academy and St Giles nursery. After everyone got their book they all were running up to the RAF and getting their signatures off them onto the back of their book.



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