Eco Team


The eco-council is a group of KS2 pupils- we are all dedicated to making a positive impact on our school and on our environment. We aim to involve all of the school community in supporting our vision of making the school a greener place. We have even set up competitions and have some exciting ideas in place for the upcoming year!

Everyday, we look in the classrooms to celebrate good practice in turning off lights to save electricity, and in keeping the classroom tidy.




20th March 2018

Eco Award

Each week, we nominate a class for the ‘Eco’ award. The chosen class will keep the trophy for the week. To support our judgements, we team devised a rubric to assess each class against. How can you help your classroom keep eco friendly?!


Green Ambassadors

The team use inspiration from the WWF Green Ambassadors to decide on which areas to focus on in order to promote eco-friendliness! Over the year, we hope to zoom in on each of the different areas, including energy, wildlife, transport and healthy eating.


Competition: Create a Green Ambassador

To support the awareness of Eco Friendliness, we launched our first competition which involved designing a new green ambassador for our school! This ambassador will be featured on the team’s badges, alongside on stickers which we will award to people who are being fantastic Eco-Warriors. Watch this space to find out the winning design!



Previous Years

Last year the Eco-council chose to focus on improving the outdoor environment. One important area for development was the school wildlife garden. The council conducted a survey with other pupils in the school to find out their thoughts on the garden and how they think it could be improved. The results of the survey are shown below:

Wildlife Garden Survey

  • Do you know that we have a Wildlife Garden?      Yes 48%      No 52%
  • Would you use the Wildlife Garden?                      Yes 69%     No 31%
  • What features would you like in the garden?
  • Bench:                  Yes 54%     No 46%
  • Scented Plants:    Yes 53%     No 47%
  • Tactile Plants:       Yes 53%     No 47%
  • Vegetable Patch:  Yes 49%     No 51%
  • Bird Table:             Yes 52%     No 48%
  • Bird Feeders:        Yes 46%     No 54%
  • Work Table:           Yes 57%     No 43%
  • Bug Hotel:             Yes 84%     No 16%
  • Wind Chimes:        Yes 36%     No 64%

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