FS2 2017/18

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

Our teacher is Miss Walton and our LSA’s are Mrs Rhodes, Miss Pacey, Miss Mylett and Mrs Hyde. Please follow our twitter page @stgacfs to see what we have been up to! Here is the link to our twitter page – https://twitter.com/stgacfs


Spring – My favourite thing is…

This term we have been discussing what our favourite things are such as; books, films toys, characters, etc. We have been listening to each others ideas and sharing our own.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 20. We have been practising counting back from 20 using our own song which we are really enjoying. We’re getting so good at it too. In the maths area we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes, we have learnt that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are solid. When discussing the shapes we have been looking at the properties to help us discuss the similarities and differences. Using a range of different objects we’ve been counting 2 groups of objects together and some of us have even been adding and subtracting 2 numbers.


During our literacy time we have been looking at a range of books that interest us and have been doing some labels of the characters, retelling the story and writing sentences about what is happening. To help us with our writing we have been using our ‘Fred Fingers’ skill to sound the word out and blend them together.

At story time we have been discussing who an author and illustrator is and what they do. What a blurb and title is too. We have children who are very eager to be an author or illustrator. We’ve been enjoying predicting what might happen next in the story, our imaginations are amazing!


Outside in our garden we have been making lots of potions, mud pies, chocolate milkshakesand sloppy dinners for our friends and characters in the story. We have been using recipes to help us tell us what food to use. We’ve been learning to share our ideas and work together. By doing this we have created dens using different types of material and have discussedwhat materials as good and which aren’t so good.


We have looked at different ways water can move using different resources in the water tray. Our favourite game to play this term is football. We are very good and choosing children to be on our team and working together to pass the ball safely and with good control to score goals.


Our construction area inside is even bigger now because we love construction so much! We have a new tool bench also with a range of different tools and materials to make anything wewant. The construction maps have been so helpful because we’ve been drawing our ideas down first and then creating our model.



We have made lots of different creations this term at our creative area. We have painted;bears, people, monsters, aliens and dinosaurs chosen from our favourite books! Using different colours we have explored what 2 colours mixed together make. Our favourite colours to mix are red and yellow! We’ve learnt how to hold and use scissors safely and with good control when cutting our pictures out too.


Our favourite part of our classroom this term is our ‘Tiny Teacher’s Area’. This is our own area where we can pretend to be teachers to our friends and wear our own sound card pinnies. We have lots of sound cards, green words and whiteboards where we can show our friends what we have been learning, it’s so much fun!



Autumn – Who are you?

This has been our first half term at St Giles Academy. We have really enjoyed exploring our new classroom and meeting lots of new things. We have started to learn so many new things!


In maths we have been learning all of our numbers to 10. We will be learning all of our numbers to 20 next! We have been learning how to count objects and ways of doing this. Using objects around the room we have been creating repeating patterns. Our school has lots of different shapes around it so we have been going on a 2d shape hunts to see what 2d shapes we can see. We have been measuring objects by weight, height and length to see which one is the tallest/shortest, longest/shortest and heaviest/lightest.

In Read. Write. Inc. we have been learning a sound a day and how to write the sound using the letter rhyme. Fred the Frog sent us a message asking if we can help him by listening to the sounds to see what word he is saying. A lot of the children have enjoyed teaching their friends the letter sounds.


We have been learning to write our own names, first and last every morning, we are getting very good at it. When writing words, we have been listening to the initial and final sounds. We don’t just use pencils to write with in Foundation Stage 2 we write with chalk, felt tips, paint. Sand, glitter, sugar, shaving foam and even mud are fun to write in too.


In our outside are we have been working together to make a range of things using theresources. Some children made a Gruffalo’s den for the Gruffalo to sleep over. The children have been experimenting different ways of moving on the climbing frame and also learning how to use it safely. They have been exploring the changes in the environment as we go into Autumn. After collecting lots of leaves and conkers we looked at the similarities and differences.