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Summer Term in Foundation:

Where do you come from, where do you grow?

Fe fi fofum… don’t worry the giant won’t steal our chicks…Miss Campbell is on chick watch this weekend.

Well done to my fabulous stars of the week! What a lovely lunch on the celebration table very well deserved everyone!

Chick 1 …breakfast club children are excited!

I wonder what’s been happening in our classroom tonight…chicks hatching and a giant visiting. I hope Jack will save us!

Foundation are very excited…the first egg is beginning to hatch and if your really quiet you can hear it chirp.@RandFarmPark

Let’s show Miss Campbell how to divide by 5. Amelia being a maths superstar, showing persistence and determination @lindsayhigson

On Tuesday a giant had left us a note to share his jelly beans. Purple class have been super stars at this.

The power of a rubric … painting the @RandFarmPark animals that we saw yesterday. We created the rubric to help us #EyTalking

“Project Launch” by @stgacfs


Our classroom has undergone a transformation over the Easter Holidays.



Week Beginning 17th April 2017

This week we have been settling into the new environment in our classroom. There’s been lots for us to explore :

  • The barn
  • The pig sty
  • The tractor
  • Mark-making wall
  • More exciting things in baskets throughout the provision for exploration.
  • A new outdoor water area with exciting new equipment.

In all the areas the children will be using lots of learning skills which are a really important foundations to their learning, and will help them throughout the rest of their school years.

Also we launched our new Summer term project with an amazing trip out to Rand Farm Park.
During our visit we were given the opportunity to:
– hold a rabbit and a guinea pig
– bottle feed the lambs
– bottle feed the calves
– Feed the goats and sheep
– learn about the life cycle of chicks
– go on a bumpy tractor ride out in the fields

IMG_4492 IMG_4617 IMG_4525 IMG_4540 IMG_4549 IMG_4556 IMG_4571 IMG_4548











The children also enjoyed the lovely sunny weather allowing us to adventure out into the play park where the bounced on the Kangaroo jumps, went down the slides and having races on the sledge ride.

IMG_4599 IMG_4588






What a fantastic day out and we were even given an incubator to look after some of our very own eggs and watch the life cycle of an egg to a chick in our classroom.

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Spring Term in Foundation:

What will our next adventure be? 

Week Beginning 6th February

This week we will be learning how to care for our class pet. Pets at home will be visiting us on Tuesday and hopefully be bringing some fury animals the children can stroke! The fish will be arriving in the tank throughout the week so we will need to ensure we are very quiet so they don’t get scared!


We are remembering to put our hands up to answer!

In maths we will be revisiting patterns and describing and making our own patterns for our friends to complete.

IMG_3690 IMG_3699 IMG_3694

We will be creating finger painted fish and also our second draft of a fish using the rubric the children have created.

On Thursday the children enjoyed the Valentines disco. Thank you very much Mrs. Barratt and DJ Milner and DJ Benstead for a fantastic disco!


On Friday the children were very excited as it was snowing. We were going outside after star assembly to explore it, but by the time we had got out most of it had melted. The children explored the little bit that was left and watched it melt on their hands. Some great discussions!

IMG_3672 IMG_3677


Purple Classes Star of the Week was Francesca for her beautiful patterned rainbow fish and challenging herself to go for gold. Francesca made repeated patterns using 3 colours. Great job!


I hope you enjoyed lunch on the star table.

Week Beginning 30th January

The children have had a very exciting week starting our ‘Under the sea’ focus with a visit to ‘The Deep’. Foundation had a fabulous time exploring the underwater sea creatures, having a workshop (touching a cockroach!) and watching the scrubber divers in the tank.
In class we have looked at non-fiction text and begun to look at certain sea creatures in detail.
IMG_3449 IMG_3450

Our writing focus this week has been writing letters to ‘The Deep’ informing them of our favourite animals and saying thank you.

The class had a special delivery Wednesday afternoon from ‘The Deep’ due to their excellent behaviour on the trip.  We have our very own class fish tank and the children are looking forward to getting the fish in the coming week.

In maths we are focusing on 1 more and 1 less. The children have been walking the number line planks to find the answer. We have also had a visit from the mischievous pirates who locked our lunch register and Class bear in the treasure chest. Our challenge was to find out 1 more and 1 less on challenge cards to unlock the padlocks. We must find a way to unlock them! Can we do it? We only have till lunch time to crack the code!

Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

This weeks focus has been on Chinese New Year.
The children have been looking at different cultures and their differences and similarities to our culture.

IMG_3165 IMG_3167

The children enjoyed their dragon dancing session resulting in a performance around school.
Foundation have been drawing Chinese symbols onto bookmarks and Lanterns.

In maths the children have been exploring the value of different coins and the language related to money. Together the children created a Chinese shop.

The children also enjoyed visiting Year 6 in the studio for a hot chocolate and cookie. Foundation were great at using their manners!

IMG_3177 IMG_3180

Week Beginning 16th January 2017

In Phonics, Miss Campbell’s group have found items in some wobbly jelly and have been making their own flavour yoghurt, when recapping the sound ‘j’ and ‘y’. Some of the children mixed lots of fruit in their yoghurts and thought it was very yummy!

IMG_3078 IMG_3091

In Maths, our focus has been on weight and capacity. The children have found the heaviest item to receive a code to help unlock Captain Blackbeard’s treasure chest. The children have been using water and sand to explore capacity. We have also tried to make the weighing scales balance.

IMG_3035 Good team work!

During PE the children walked the plank, by using their arms to balance. They jumped into the sea and practised landing on two feet.


Thanks to all the parents who came to the pirate craft day – it was a huge success. All of the children had a swashbuckling time and made some fabulous pirate crafts.

Week Beginning 9th January 2017

This week we have been designing and re-drafting our boat model designs. The children used a variety of materials to build their junk models and were very excited when the paddling pools came out to test their model. We predicted whether our boats were going to sink or float and then tested them.
In Maths, we have been sharing Pirate Izzy’s and Pirate Jake’s treasure coins. Foundation Stage are very good at sharing the coins fairly, definitely better than the pirates.

In Phonics, we are currently re-capping sounds we have learnt last term. The children have been practising segmenting words and blending words to read.

On Friday, we began our ‘Leap into Reading’ afternoon. The children listened to a story and then were able to explore stories of their choice. They also got involved in making a collage and creating masks. The children shared stories with one another.

IMG_3001 IMG_2992 IMG_2988

In PE, the children have been making pirate stew, by being different balancing beans, and have been the crew on Captain Campbell’s Pirate ship.

Going out for Forest School, no matter what the weather. Miss Campbell’s group had a great discussion when Caitlyn found a birds egg (not real – I checked).
“Oh no, it’s coming for me as I have its egg.”

Week Beginning 2nd January 2017

This week we have spent lots of time exploring the new areas – we were all really excited to play in the pirate ship, discover the treasure chest, play on the musical instruments, and lots lots more!

IMG_2967     IMG_2968

Let’s set sail!                                 Making station


IMG_2972     IMG_3062
What shall we cook for our Pirate banquet today?

A pirate storyteller launched our project and the children were dressed for the occasion.
IMG_2744 IMG_2791


Autumn term in Foundation:

What is the Magic of Me?

This term we will be exploring what makes each and every one of us special. We will be looking at our families, creating high quality self portraits, learning all about our body, finding out about other peoples’ interests and working with a ‘buddy’ to present each other with ‘star awards’ at a special celebration.

Week beginning 12th December 2016

Miss Campbell’s phonics group had a surprise waiting for them on Tuesday morning. Snow footprints all over the classroom! Santa had been and left us a challenge. Charlie the elf had slipped on the thick snow and hurt his head. Charlie had forgotten how to build snowmen and he needed our help. The group created Frosty the snowman in a variety of ways (painted footprints, marshmallows, drawing and colouring) . Here are some of our marshmallow snowmen.


On Tuesday, the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch. All members of staff helped to serve lunch. The children pulled their crackers with a friend and tucked into a delicious Christmas dinner.

7 6
The children enjoyed the carol concert singing a variety of christmas carols. Thank you to all the parents who came to support their child. A great big thank you to Santa Claus who came and surprised the children.

Week beginning 5th December 2016

What a busy week preparing for our ‘Magic of Me’ exhibition. Thank you to all the parents who came to support their children and celebrate the children’s first term at St Giles Academy.
IMG_2392 IMG_2393
Purple class have had a visit from Santa this week asking for their help to create repeated pattern decoration for his grotto. The children all worked really hard and created some lovely decorations which were sent to Santa. They taught Buddy the elf how to create repeated patterns.

IMG_2266 IMG_2272 IMG_2274 IMG_2276


Week beginning 28th November 2016

On Wednesday the children had a lovely surprise visit from the fire station. The firefighters brought their fire engine to school and allowed the children the opportunity to sit in the fire engine. We had a fire safety talk and learnt a rhyme to help us stay safe.
IMG_1965 IMG_1985IMG_1988 IMG_2035

We’ve been loving decorating the classroom ready for christmas.


This week we have been learning how to order numbers 1-20 by parking the engines at the fire station.

Week beginning 7th- 14th November 2016

The children were really excited as we had a visit from the Police Community Officers and skyped Doctor Jen. The children asked questions about what is ‘special’ about them and what they do.

In writing the children have labelled items in a nurse’s purse and wrote about the police visit.

The children are learning to recognise numbers and are currently learning to add and subtract using objects.



Here are some pictures of our learning environment. Our teachers have made sure that we can independently access whatever we need to help us to learn.





The stage – The centrepiece of our classroom! Children can showcase performances using the microphone and stand.


art art2


Art area – we have different materials (including junk model) and ‘help yourself’ paints to make creations with.


home corner



Home corner – everything the children need to role play being at home.




Investgation station


Investigation Station – the children can access resources from this area to help explore e.g. magnifying glasses and metal detectors.



Outdoors – we love to spend lots of time outdoors. We have amazing new construction toys, dens, a woodworking bench, a climbing frame, amongst everything else. We also have areas set aside for us on the field e.g. a meadow and a garden, which we enjoy spending time in on a Friday morning during Forest School.

blocks outside

Each week we have new ‘Learn a Rainbow’ challenges. We earn a coloured bead for meeting  each challenge, and when we have 7 different coloured beads, we earn a special rainbow sticker. This encourages us to play and learn in all areas of our provision.



2015/2016 archive:

Summer term in Foundation: How Does Your Garden Grow?

This term we will be creating a nature garden for the whole school to enjoy, out on the field. We will be learning about minibeasts and how we can attract more to our garden, we will be designing the garden, and then creating the garden. At the end of our project we will be holding a garden tea party for the school community to enjoy.

W/C 11th April 2016

This week we have been settling into the new environment in our classroom. There’s been lots for us to explore :

  • The artists’ garden
  • The gardeners’ book corner
  • The gardeners’ making area
  • More exciting things in the water area
  • An investigation area with bugs a plenty, seeds. We will be putting new things in this area all the time!
  • The home garden
  • The fairy garden
  • The gardener’s home corner

As well as these areas we will be adding exciting things to our indoor and outdoor provision all the time. In all the areas the children will be using lots of learning skills which are a really important foundation to their learning, and will help them throughout the rest of their school years.


Spring term in Foundation: we were exploring the world of pirates!

Our key questions is:

What will our next adventure be?

IMG_4182 IMG_4183 IMG_4184 IMG_4185

We have transformed our classroom into a pirate ship, with captains quarters, galley and hammock; and a ship yard and under the sea world. We even have a desert island (with a real beach) and a dinosaur island. We can do all sorts of learning through our playing in each of the areas!

Week beginning 7th March

We’ve been loving the rain!

IMG_1707 IMG_1705

For the last two weeks we’ve been looking at adding and subtracting in maths. We’ve had to solve challenges, for example, to work out how many people can go on our desert island:

IMG_1693 IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1680

In our review time we’ve been continuing to work on writing sentences, and in phonics we’ve been focussing on our blending skills for reading!

Week beginning 8th February

We’ve enjoyed spending this week preparing for our Chinese New Year Festival which the St Giles Nursery School attended:

IMG_1220 IMG_1221

We had to use our maths skills to work out how to add amounts of money together for when we went shopping.

IMG_1187 IMG_1182

We also had to write which year of the Chinese zodiac we were born in. We wrote ‘I am a tiger’ or ‘I am a rabbit’.

IMG_1169 IMG_1162 IMG_1158

The children have taken an interest in writing and creating story books this week – here’s Annabella’s story based on The Gruffalo:


Week beginning 1st February

This week we have been learning all about money. We have explored all of the different coins and have used 1p and 2p coins to buy different things from the Chinese restaurant.


In phonics we learnt the ‘oo’ sound and the tricky words ‘my’ and ‘we’ – we’ve written some super sentences:

IMG_0989 IMG_0988 IMG_0990 IMG_0995 IMG_0998

Week beginning 25th January

This week in maths we have been ordering numbers to 20. We have done this in lots of ways – here’s a few:

IMG_0767 IMG_0777

We’ve been having lots of fun learning all about Chinese New Year. Here’s a picture of our Chinese Restaurant:



Thanks to all the parents who came to the pirate craft day – it was a huge success. All of the children had a swashbuckling time and made some fabulous pirate craft. Here are some pictures that we took during the morning:

IMG_0679 IMG_0670 IMG_0668 IMG_0664


















This week we’ve also been looking at ‘time’ – we have explored the time we do things throughout the day and have learnt what o’clock looks like. We’ve also been set challenges, e.g. to sort out all of the treasure, count how many star jumps – which have been timed.

In phonics we’ve now learnt the digraphs ee, ea, ai, and ay.

Week beginning Monday 4th January

This week we have spent lots of time exploring the new areas – we were all really excited to paddle in the pool, discover the treasure chest, play on the musical instruments, and lots lots more!

In maths we have been focussing on adding and our teen numbers. We have been learning some digraphs in phonics – ch, sh, th and ng.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 13.38.12

Week beginning 7th December 2015

Last week we transformed our classroom into a magical Winter Wonderland. We now have a grotto, a bauble station, a wrapping station, a toy making station, a card making station, a post office and a sleigh! We all helped to make these areas and were so excited to explore them.

This week we’ve been using our writing skills to write cards for our family – no sneaky peaks I’m afraid as this needs to be a surprise! We’ve also been making crispy buns for the Christmas fayre and rehearsing for our Nativity. Wow it’s been busy!

In between this we’ve also been doing what children do best – playing! We love being able to think of our own ideas, problem solve, develop our skills – the adults help us by asking lots of questions and encouraging us to plan and think carefully about what we can do next.




We’re all hoping that we get some snow soon because school would be the best place to be when it does! In the meantime we’ve been exploring the instant snow and making snow flakes.

IMG_0198 IMG_0183

Week beginning 2nd November 2015

This week we’ve been impressing our teachers by using our phonics sounds in our review time writing! We’ve also been working hard to start our writing with “I played” to write a sentence, and use our finger spaces!

In maths, we’ve been learning about positional and directional language. We’ve been on hunts to find our favourite fairytale characters; the children have had to use language such as under, on, besides, in front of, in. As well as this, we’ve become knights, tasked with slaying a fierce dragon in the older children’s playground. We were guided by the instruction: forwards, backwards, side step, half-turn.

We’re really proud of how the children have been getting on after the half term!

A big thank you to all the parents who came to our phonics talk on Friday. All children should have received a phonics pack. If you’d like to know more, check out the phonics page using the link at the top of this web page, or please speak to Mrs Maye or Mrs Thompson.

Week beginning 12th October 2015

This week we’ve been working on our storyboards for the films. We created a first draft, which were very impressive, but we thought we could do better! We’ve now nearly completed our final draft and we’re really pleased with them. We have remembered to use all of the features that our teachers have been reminding us about. Here are some examples:


Jack and The Beanstalk – by Tymon

Here are some of the shapes that we found on our shape hunt last week:

IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084

We LOVE forest school….IMG_1090

Week beginning 28th September 2015

This week we were introduced to our project. We have chosen stories to recreate into a film to showcase at The Venue cinema at Bishop Grosseteste University. We are VERY EXCITED!

We voted for our favourite fairytales in our groups. On Friday, we went out for our first ever Forest School sessions and did an story walk of our favourite fairytale. Here’s Mrs Maye’s group pretending to be Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk asleep in bed…


In Maths we’ve had lots of challenges this week. We’ve had to help the old man from Jack and the Beanstalk to count the correct number of magic beans into pots, we’ve had to build towers to save Baby Bear from the number dragon, and we’ve had to build a number bridge using the giant’s footsteps…

IMG_0843 IMG_0847

And we’ve continued to have fun around our fairytale themed indoor and outdoor classrooms…


Week beginning 21st September 2015

This week we have started our phonics and maths sessions.

In maths we have been exploring numicon, and using them to count and order. Some of us have even spotted that different amounts can make the same total. For example, 5 and 3 can make 8, but so can 4 and 4. Great maths brains!!


In phonics we have so far learnt to hear, say, read and write the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. Super sounds!

IMG_0693 IMG_0603IMG_0596

Week beginning – 14th September 2015

The children have been continuing to explore the setting and are becoming much more confident every day. Well done for coming in by yourself each day and hanging your things on your pegs!

We have now begun to get to know our key groups. In these groups we plan what we would like to do each morning, we do this, and then we review what we have done in our books. Here’s some examples of the fabulous things the children have been up to:

IMG_0551IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0555










Also – a huge thank you to Regatta for donating wet weather gear for each child. The children have been making use of their waterproofs already (in the lovely wet weather we’ve been having) and have had a splash!!

IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0513 IMG_0524

First days

The children in Foundation have settled into school life remarkably well. We are getting used to the routines and having lots of fun making new friends!

IMG_0253 IMG_0273 IMG_0283 IMG_0353

Summer Term