Friday 12th June

Super Smoothies

Our learning this fortnight has been inspired by the Charlie and Lola story ‘Slightly Invisible’.  In the story Charlie and Lola create a potion that makes them invisible.  This allows them to catch the trickiest of monsters!

Lola 0

On Wednesday morning, a mysterious box arrived along with a letter marked ‘Top Secret’.  The letter was from Lola.  She wanted to make more of the invisibility potion but Charlie had written the recipe in code.

Lola 1

In the box were lots of different food items with addition problems written on labels.  We had to solve the problems to find out which foods we needed.

Lola 2  We worked out that

  7 was a banana

  21 was milk

  8 was a box of strawberries

  4 was honey

  6 was yoghurt

With our recipe complete, we were able to make the invisibility potion for Lola. The children told Mrs Hargreaves what to do and watched the potion take shape.

Lola 4

Lola 5

Lola 6

Lola 7

Lola 10

Lola 11

The children all had a taste…most liked it! Some of the children were worried that they would become invisible and were heard asking their friends if they could still see them!

Friday 22nd May


To finish off this term, our learning has been based on the final of our story books – Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.

stuck 1

This story is about a little boy who gets his kite stuck in a tree. He attempts to get the kite down by throwing different objects into the tree to knock the kite down.  He starts with a shoe…and ends up with a whale, a house and a milkman to name but a few of things!

The children have enjoyed painting and using collage materials to create their own trees.

stuck 3stuck 4

stuck 5stuck 2

We had our own tricky tree problem with the padlocks.  The children had to find the correct key by doubling the number on the padlock and finding the key with the answer on.

stuck 6stuck 7

The breezy days have been great for exploring the wind.  We have been using ribbons, flags, flower spinners and bubbles.  We learnt that it is best to catch the wind higher up where there is no shelter.

stuck 8

To finish off we completed our challenge to build a new kite for the little boy.  We made some very simple kites using A3 paper, straws, sticky tape, paper streamer, string and our folding skills.

They were brilliant and when the wind caught them they flew so well.  We had a great time on the big playground.

stuck 9stuck 10

The kites could be seen flying high on the way home from school too.


Friday 8th May

Lost and Found

This fortnight has been based on the second of our story books written by Oliver Jeffers – Lost and Found.

boat 8

The story is about a lost penguin and a little boy who wants to help by finding a way to get the penguin back to the South Pole.  The children thought of lots of different transport and enjoyed designing their own planes, boats and submarines.

boat 6

Our role play area has been a beach and seaside. We started off with a 2 person dinghy but due to popularity and demand, it didn’t last a day! The new larger version proved to be a better idea for children, penguin and a suitcase!

boat 4

Outside, we have had the junk modelling materials.  The challenge was to build boats and then test them in the tuff spot. We had yoghurt pot boats, ice cream tub boats and even milk bottle boats.

boat 1 boat 2

We soon found out that the boats made from cardboard boxes weren’t going to last very long.  The water soaked into them and made them soggy.  The cardboard broke into pieces.

boat 3

To finish off our learning, we had our very own Election Day.  We talked about what voting was for and learnt about the idea of having choices.  The winner would be the one that the most people voted for.

We chose 3 types of transport for the penguin and gave each one a colour.  Boat was blue, aeroplane was red and submarine was yellow. The children went over to the voting table and wrote their choice of colour on their voting card.

boat 5

After all the votes were posted into the special box, the counting began.  We made a graph as we announced each vote. It was very exciting and a very close vote!

boat 7

Red was the winner!

Friday 24th April

How to Catch a Star

Our first two weeks back have been very busy indeed.  We began our learning using the first of our story books written by Oliver Jeffers – How to Catch a Star.

How to ...

We had some fabulous rockets made by Harvey and Evie to add to our space area in the Foundation unit.

Rocket HRocket E

 We have been learning the names of all the planets in our solar system. We looked closely at images of the planets and used chalk to create our own versions.

PlanetsPlanet L

We used our fine motor skills to create our own star catchers.  We had to thread a very long piece of wool through lots of holes.

Star catchers

After listening to the first part of our story, we went away and became inventors.  We used our special inventing pens to design a way of catching a star.  Most of us designed a rocket but there were a few space scooters too!

Rocket TRocket K

Next week we will be reading and basing our learning around the story Lost and Found.


Easter Break News

Our Beautiful Butterflies

In the weeks leading up to the Easter break we watched our 5 caterpillars grow from very small and thin to very big and furry.  We saw them hang from the special paper on the lid of their pot and form into their chrysalis.  Unfortunately, they weren’t ready to change into butterflies whist we were still at school.  Mrs Hargreaves took them home in their special net to keep an eye on them.


Very small caterpillars with an awful of lot of food to eat!

Chrysalis 1

All 5 chrysalises hanging ready to be moved into the net.

Chrysalis 2

In their new home waiting to emerge as butterflies.

Last week, one by one, the butterflies sneaked out of their chrysalis and appeared in the net whilst Mrs Hargreaves wasn’t looking! They stayed in the net for a couple of days whist their wings dried out.  They enjoyed eating bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries and drinking a special sugary water which Mrs Hargreaves put on flowers for them.

First bfThe first butterfly to emerge.

Second bfThe second one joining snack time.

Third bf

Butterfly number 3 showing off it’s beautiful wings.

Fourth bf

Butterflies 2,3 and 4 in the sunshine outside all testing their wings out.

Third 2Third 3

This one wasn’t in a hurry to leave!

Fifth bf

The last one of the 5 to leave the net had a rest in the garden before flying off.



Friday 27th March

Passionate about Plants

The last two weeks of our term have been about plants. We have been learning about the different parts of the plants, the names of different flowers and all about a chap who liked to paint flowers called Van Gogh. The children have been busy drawing, collaging, building models and writing.

fl 2 Keegan and Gracie made this fabulous flower garden using the stickle bricks.

fl 4 Takoda made this super flower in the Construct and Discover zone to earn his dark blue bead.

fl 1 Tommy-Lee enjoyed the challenge of writing the names of different flowers using his phonic skills.

fl 3 Maisie drawing flowers in our Van Gogh’s garden role play area.

fl 6 Some of our fabulous sunflowers collages.

We are now all excited about our new topic after the Easter holiday.



Friday 13th March

Red Nose Day

Today the children were asked to ‘Do something funny for money’ in aid of Comic Relief.  We have had lots of crazy costumes and wild hair!

The staff at school very bravely took up Foundation’s offer to paint their faces funny! Some turned out slightly better than others…..!

face 1Mr Richards

face 2Mr Starbuck

face 3Mrs Barratt

face 4Mrs Ingamells

face 5Wow! What a transformation.

Thank you


Thursday 5th March

World Book Day

The children at St Giles Academy celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite characters and bringing along the book to share with their classes.

Yellow class had princesses, mermaids, Little Red Riding Hood, superheroes, HRH the Queen of Hearts, monkeys, Horrid Henry, 3 Dennis the Menaces, a pirate, Pippi Longstocking and Gangsta Granny!



Tuesday 3rd March

Our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

This week Foundation went on their eagerly awaited trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It turned out to be a very chilly day which meant that some of the animals chose to sit in the Spring sunshine whilst other animals stayed inside.

We did manage to see lots of animals and the children all had their favourites.

lion 1 A couple of snoozy sunbathing lions.

wallaby 1The baby wallabies weren’t sure about all of us looking at them.

squirrel monkeyThe squirrel monkeys proved to be entertaining.

tiger 1The tigers were happy wandering around showing off their stripes.

girrafe 1Everyone was amazed at how tall the giraffes were.

Unfortunately, Victor the polar bear was too busy sleeping in his den to say hello.  He even managed to sleep through the children chanting “Wake up Victor!”

A wonderful day was had by all.


Friday 27th February

Cress Jungle

This week as part of our Go Wild! mini topic we set up our cress jungle.  The children helped by thinking about what the seeds would need to grow.  We said they would need water, sunlight and soil. The children were surprised to see that we were going to use cotton wool instead of soil.

cress 1

The children helped to spread the cress seeds all over the cotton wool.  Some of the children thought it looked like it was snow like in the Ice Age!

We have been keeping a close eye on the seeds and were very happy to see the shoots start to come through.

cress 2

cress 3

The children have noticed that the seeds have cracked open and that the cress looks like little trees.

cress 4

we can’t wait to see how much the cress grows over the weekend. Will our animals have their jungle?


Monday 23rd February

Half term holiday challenge!

The Foundation children were set a challenge to make a minibeast, under the sea creature or a jungle animal in any way they wanted with their families over the half term holiday.

Take a look at some of the fantastic creations that have arrived so far.

But 1 Paige’s fabulous pair of glittery butterflies.

ladyb 1 Holly’s excellent ladybird.

jell 1 Mason’s brilliant jellyfish and turtle.

fish 1 Lacey’s fantastic fish.

but 2 Evie’s wonderful butterfly.

lady 2 Charlie’s brilliant ladybird.

oct 1 Patrick’s huge wobbly octopus.

oct 2 Harvey’s fantastic octopus and shark.

They are all taking pride of place on display in the Foundation unit.



Friday 13th February

Chinese New Year

To finish off this first half of the Spring term, Foundation celebrated Chinese New Year.  We have learnt a lot about how it is celebrated, what Chinese writing looks like and had a go at using chopsticks.

Our role play area was a Chinese restaurant and takeaway.  The children have loved taking orders for food and serving their friends.

Chinese 2

We have been exploring Chinese writing and had a go at writing our own names in Chinese as well as the names of the animals which the years are named after. This year it is the Year of the sheep.

Chinese 1

We watched a programme about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.  We saw some wonderful ribbon dancing so had a go at it ourselves whilst listening to traditional Chinese music.

Chinese 3

We made our own Chinese drums and added Chinese writing to them. We loved the noise the buttons made when we wiggled the drum.

Chinese 5

Finally, we took our Dragon dance on a tour around the school. Everyone had a job to do whether they were part of the dragon or playing a musical instrument. The children loved it!

Chinese 4


Friday 30th January


Fabulous Farms

We have had a fantastic fortnight learning about farms and the food we get from farms and farm animals. Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

Farm 4

Our amazing indoor farm role play area.  We had a cow to milk, vegetables to dig and a farm kitchen to prepare our meals.

Farm 1

In the outdoor area we had our travelling vets to keep an eye on our cow and pig.  Here they are examining the cow in the cow shed.

Farm 6

We have been weighing vegetables and trying to make them balance.  Leo balanced a cabbage with a broccoli and 3 potatoes. A future Greengrocer perhaps!

Farm 5

We learnt a song about Farmer Pete and his 10 sheep.  We then made our own sheep using egg boxes and lots of cotton wool.  We used them to help us write number sentences.

We also enjoyed a special food tasting session.  We tried food and drink that is made locally. We tried Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, Gadsby’s bread, Fernside Cottage Bakery syrup sponge pudding, Lincolnshire Plum bread, Belvoir fruit farms Elderflower cordial and raspberry jam made by Jenny’s Jams of Lincoln.

Farm 3Farm 2





The children loved the food and all had their favourites!



Friday 16th January


A visit from Pets at Home

This week as part of our Perfect Pets mini topic we were lucky enough to have a visit from Adam and Heather who work at Pets at Home.  They brought with them a few of their furry friends for us to meet.  We listened carefully and learnt about what the animals like to eat, how to look after them and how to handle them properly.

Monty 1Monty 2

This huge rabbit is called Monty and belongs to Adam.  He lives with Adam and is a house rabbit.

Adam 1Noodles 1

In the cage is Noodles the hamster.  We had to be careful with our fingers as he likes a good nibble!

Gpig 1

This is one of the Guinea pigs that is waiting for a new home.  He liked to snuggle under our arms.

We really enjoyed our visitors and we are now thinking about what pet we could have at school with us in Foundation.


Friday 9th January

Perfect Pets

This week we have had a great start to the new term.  We have begun our big topic ‘Wonderful Wildlife’ with our fortnight on pets.

Our new role play area is set up as a vet.  The children have loved dressing up and making the pets better for their owners.

photo 1

photo 2

Our Maths focus this week has been weight.  We have been learning to use balance scales and about heavy and light.  The children have had a few challenges!

Challenge 1. To use sand to make the scales balance in the messy area.

photo 3

Challenge 2. To find out how many objects weigh the same as 40g.

photo 4

The children have loved their new learning and have become very confident talking about weight.  Well done Foundation!

Friday 12th December 2014

Christmas Fayre preparations

This week was Christmas enterprise week. We had to make things to sell at the Christmas Fayre.  The profits we make will go towards the cost of our trip next term. We decided to make salt dough decorations for Christmas trees and some special christmas pudding flavoured rice crispy cakes.


Our crispy cakes were decorated with white chocolate, a cherry and a fondant leaf to look like real Christmas puddings!


Some of the glitter team in action.


Thanks to Miss Coupland we had so many decorations to paint and glitter.

image image

Our stall at the Christmas Fayre looked amazing! Thank you to Melody for our hand written signs. We do still have some of the decorations left so will we be selling them at the Foundation entrance on Monday.



Friday 5th December 2014

Let’s get ready for Christmas

This week we have been busy preparing for Christmas. We have been practising how to decorate a Christmas tree, creating Christmas wishes for our families and role playing in our very own Santa’s workshop.

We have had some more fantastic cards from the Christmas card challenge too.

image Thank you Lacey

image Thank you Leo

image Thank you Evie

We love all the wonderful ideas you have had and how creative you have been.


Friday 28th November 2014

Christmas card challenge 

The children in Foundation have been set a challenge this week. They have been asked to make and write one Christmas card at home with their families that we can display in school for everyone to see.

Take a look at the first of our fabulous cards.

image Thank you Caden

 image Thank you Joseph

image Thank you Zak

We are really looking forward to receiving more of your special Christmas cards.



Friday 21st November 2014

Cool peppermint creams

This week it was the turn of Purple class to do the make and bake. We decided to make Peppermint creams.

There were 4 simple ingredients: egg whites, icing sugar, peppermint essence and green food colouring.

The icing needed to be sieved to get rid of any lumps.

image   image

The great thing about the peppermint creams was they just needed left in the fridge over night. No hot ovens!



On Friday afternoon we all joined in with a tasting session. Most of us could tell they were minty and some said it smelt like chewing gum and toothpaste.


Thank you Purple class!




Friday 14th November 2014

Remembrance Week

This week we have been finding out about why we have Remembrance Day and why the poppy is used as a symbol for this. The children made their own poppies to add to the special crosses we were given.


The children cut two circles out and then over lapped them to create the poppy shape. They added red glitter to the edges to make them look extra special.


On Tuesday 11th November we took part in a special service to remember those brave men and boys who had fought for us. The children all placed their poppy crosses to create a Remembrance field.


During the week, some of the children have chosen to make their own Remembrance poppy crosses.



Great cutting and joining skills being used. Well done!

Monday 3rd November 2014

What’s inside a pumpkin? 

The week before half term we decided to find out what was inside the pumpkins we had been been exploring in our autumn tuff spot.

We started with one of the smaller ones.


We found lots of seeds inside. We were very determined to find every last one!

We then decided to see if the big one had the same things inside.


There were so many seeds! Some of the children described the feeling inside as wet, gooey and slimy.


We really enjoyed exploring the pumpkins and it kept us busy for quite a long time.


Thursday 16th October 2014

Beautiful Bread 

This week we have been baking crusty bread rolls.


We had to knead the dough to mix all the ingredients together. It was quite hard work.

We then had to leave the dough to rest before making roll roll shapes.


After the bread rolls came out of the oven they were much bigger than we expected!

Everyone has had a chance to taste the crusty bread. We tried to describe how the bread smelt, felt like and tasted.


We had some left over so Miss Greaves has carved the bread into dinosaur stampers. We can’t wait to try them out with some paint.


Wednesday 1st October 2014

Welcome to our Foundation page

To celebrate the opening of St Giles Academy today, we have been making rainbow wind socks.

They are still in production (as it turned out there was quite a lot to do) but we thought you might like a sneaky peek.




We did manage to hang the first few up in our outdoor area. We hope to have them all up by Friday.

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