Class 8 2017/18

What an incredible start it has been in 2017/18. My new Year 4 class has really hit the ground running with our new and exciting project, all about magic. The children have been extremely enthusiastic about the work they have achieved so far and with what is to come.


Our question for this term is ‘How can magic improve lives?’ and our final showcase will be to put on our own incredible magic show to raise money for charity.


During the first week of the new year, we launched our new project with a professional magic show, performed by the amazing JJ! It was a fantastic day filled with incredible magic tricks, fun and laughter. The children absolutely loved it, especially when JJ taught them a couple of tricks for them to practise.



We have been working so hard, from day one and have already produced our first piece of project work – a biography of a world famous magician. In order to create such fantastic work, the class had to research their chosen magician (David Blaine/Harry Houdini), collecting key information that could be used. It was also important to learn about what makes a ‘good biography’, so the class worked together to identify important features, to help improve their work. The results were fantastic – everyone worked really hard.


We are currently working on a letter, to be sent to ‘Children in Need’, to persuade them join us in a money raising venture.