Class 8 2017/18

Following on from the success of our amazing magic show, Class 8 have travelled back in time, to learn all about the Stone Age! Our question for this term is “How can I survive the Stone Age?”

In answer to this question, class 8 have so far, created non-chronological reports. Providing vital survival information about tools, clothing, hunting and wildlife, to anyone who might find themselves lost in the Stone Age.

This exciting topic has given us a fantastic opportunity to get creative, and the children have worked hard on many different art projects, including cave paintings and hand axes.

Using the picture book ‘Stone Age Boy’, we have also dived into the world of animation technology, creating storyboards, flip books and even animated movies in the style of ‘Wallace and Gromit’!

The class are very excited about the topic and has really helped to engage them in their learning. They are really looking forward to presenting all their work, later in the term.