Class 8 2016 – 2017

Welcome to our Summer Term virtual reality classroom! Our question this term is ‘How is virtual reality becoming the new reality?’

Our project launch was a visit from Tension VR who provided us all with virtual reality goggles and took us on a tour of the world, Mars, the International Space station and inside the stomach!!!

We had a fabulous time and can’t wait for the next experience.C9w0DroXcAE1BgM C-z6v8jXsAAUzNI


Here you can see some of the classes artwork from the ‘virtual’ holiday we took to Dubai.C-_Kc1aXcAECVCI C97ZKVLXsAALTuh

In PHSE we have created ‘Children’s rights’ and strange enough everyone agreed to no homework?!

The children are working hard writing up their reports!IMG_0060


Spring Term Atrium designs

This term we are looking at how we can recreate the beauty of nature by redesigning the atrium, have a look at some of the designs!

IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0056

Super Start to 2017.

Class 8 have come back this year with excellent attitudes and they all should be very proud of themselves. We have started to look into our project this term through our art and the children have inspired Mr Morris and myself with the creative thinking. Keep watching this space for continued updates and pictures of what the children are getting up to.

Welcome to the Class 8 blog

We are an amazing class of Year 4 children who love to learn and share ideas with everyone. Please check our page regularly to see what we are up to!

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25/9/15 Amazing Writing

Our Greek day experiences have inspired us to write some amazing non chronological reports today. We will be typing them up over the next few days, so that they look professional.

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23/9/15 Portals to the Past Day

Wow, what an amazing day it was today. we have had lots of fun and learnt more about |Ancient Greece than you could ever imagine. We dressed up as Hoplites, plays Ancient games, went to the Greek theatre, learnt about myths and tried to destroy the walls of Troy! Have a look at the photos below to see all the action…


18/9/15 Greek Dancing

We had worked so hard on Friday that the whole of Year 4 got to go into the hall and learn a traditional Greek dance. It was a lot of fun!



18/9/15 – Big Write Letter

This week our big write was to write a letter. An Email arrived form the collection to ask us what should be in an Ancient Greek display. We wrote some fantastic replies, look out for some of them on Pobble (Lendmeyourliteracy) this week.


16/9/15 – Important Greeks

Today we split into groups to decide who was the most important Ancient Greek person. We had to think about what they did, why they were important and what impact they had on our lives.


Find out about the myth of the Minotaur here:


15/9/15 What is Democracy?

In PSHE this week we are thinking about what democracy means. We realise that we are lucky to live in a country where we can say what we believe and vote for what we want. Watch this video to find out what democracy is!


11/9/15 Big Write

It was the first big write of the year today and you didn’t disappoint! Class 8 were asked to write a recount of the Greek day we had one Tuesday. They all tried hard to remember the features that they said should be in a recount. We had use of paragraphs, sentence openers, conjunctions and similes. Well done!


9/9/15 What is Light?

We kicked off our science this week with a SOLE lesson. This is where the children take the lead and investigate the question given to them in what ever way they choose. They had an hour to answer the question and the presentations at the end were amazing! Lotsof budding scientists in Class 8 this year.



8/9/15 Taste of Greece Day

Today we found out a little bit about Greece with 3 fantastic activities to take part in. Firstly we designed and created our own Ancient Greek vases. Next we trained to be Greek soldiers and found out a bit about life in Ancient Greece. Finally we made some tasty Baklava and Greek yoghurt. We are really looking forward to finding out even more about this fascinating place.



7/9/14 Our new room

We are very excited about our new room. It has the Minotaur’s labyrinth lit by candle light, King Minos’ throne room and a boat to make our escape from the Island of Crete back to Athens.

Our essential question is going to give us lots to think about over the coming weeks…please join us on our journey