Class 7 – 2017/2018


How can magic change lives?



May 2017 – How is Reality becoming Virtual?

We have just started our very exciting new project based all around virtual reality and modern technologies! As a class, we decided that we’d like to have spacious, collaborative learning areas. Therefore, we decided to immerse our classroom in a modern, futuristic style to accompany our forward-thinking project! Have a look and see what you think…


We started the new term with a very exciting project launch! We had the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality and it was simply…AMAZING! We got to visit so many amazing places including:

  • The rainforest
  • The desert
  • Canada
  • Dubai
  • The International Space Station
  • Mars
  • Mount Everest

We even got to visit the inside of the human body and ‘experienced’ the digestive system!

Plus, it wasn’t just us who loved it. Word spread around school…and even the teachers loved it too! Take a look…

IMG_4203 IMG_4191









You can watch a short video showing our reactions to virtual reality by clicking here: IMG_4196

This week in class 7 we’ve been recapping our roles and responsibilities both at home and at school. We thought of so many things which we are all responsible for!

IMG_4181 IMG_4180











We’ve also been creating our own mini water cycles! Check back next week to see if there has been any rain!



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5th February 2017 – What is the beauty of nature?

This term, our classroom has been transformed into a beautiful forest! have a look…


File_001 File_002 File_003 File_004 File_005










We have had such a busy half term in year 4! We launched our project with a fantastic bushcraft workshop where we created handmade willow bird feeders to decorate our classroom and to help attract local wildlife to our school.


File_002 File_003File_001


Andy Goldsworthy inspired us to create some pieces of artwork created by completely natural resources. We went foraging for as many natural objects as possible before returning to the classroom to create these masterpieces!

File_006 File_004











Theres so much potential in class 7. The sky’s the limit!


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21st October 2016

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5th September 2016

It has been so lovely to welcome all of the children back to school today. They have all had such a lovely summer and have come back ready to learn. We spent the morning talking about our adventures and experiences during the summer holidays before we designed our brand new class charter!

File_000 copy 2

The children loved exploring their new classroom which has been transformed into a Roman Museum. We have a Roman soldier, lots of Roman artefacts and even a replica of a Roman hut with a real smoking fire!

File_000 copy 3 File_000


We spent the remainder of the day making a class Roman mosaic, marching like Roman soldiers, playing authentic Roman games and playing sports games outside with the Synergy leaders!

File_000 copy

After such a fantastic first day back, I look forward for what is to come in year 4. I am positive that this will be a fantastic year!

– Mr. Benstead 🙂