Class 7 2017/18

Summer Term

Check out our brand new project! Coverage of all core and non-core subjects can be seen below.


Spring Term

Welcome to the STONE AGE!

Our essential question this term:               How would I survive the stone age?

We begun our new exciting historical project this term with a fun-packed stone age survival day! We had the opportunity to wear fancy dress to help us get into role for the day.


During our first block of learning, we’ve been doing lots of research to find out as much information about the Stone Age as possible. We then used this learning to write Non-Chronological reports about what skills are required in order to survive the Stone Age. We explained that a combination of hunting, gathering, building, cooking and continual learning were vital in order to survive and thrive.

We have also been learning how to create animations. We started by reading the book ‘Stone age boy.

Then, we converted the story into a storyboard, flip book plan, flip book and clay animation using the ‘Wallace and Grommit’ style of animation.


Follow the link to watch one of our flip book style animations.

Can you guess what scene from the book it’s showing?

Click to watch animation


Autumn Term


We have had an incredible start to the 2017/18 academic year! Our new project is proving to be very exciting because we are are learning all about magic.Our essential question for this term is:

We launched our project with an amazing magic show performed by JJ the professional magician! It was an amazing day! We saw such a variety of tricks and illusion and some of us even got to go up on stage too to be a part of the performance. We were all absolutely gobsmacked when he managed to levitate the table without even touching it! After the show, we had the opportunity to learn a range of tricks including the cup and balls trick and some card tricks with the guidance and tuition of JJ. It really was a fantastic way to start year 4 and our project. Take a look…

Since our launch, we have been incredibly busy! We’ve been researching famous magicians including Dynamo and Derren Brown and then written a biography based on them. These will be shown at our final outcome which is a magic show to raise money for Children in Need. We will have a professional magician and the year 4 children will be the support acts performing table magic for all of the guests. We’re really looking forward to it!

This term, we’ve been really concentrating on improving our times tables knowledge. Singing songs, playing games and collaborating together has really helped us to learn our multiples!

We’ve learnt so much already but the children of class 7 don’t want to stop there! They have been extremely motivated and dedicated at home to create some absolute masterpieces! So much time and effort has gone into creating this fantastic shared learning and it’s a pleasure to display in our immersive learning environment. Have a look below and let us know what you think!

This week we have a very important job to do! BBC Children in Need have been in touch to say that they’d like to feature us in their emails and on their website. We realise that this is a fantastic opportunity to promote our magic show! Therefore, we are writing a formal, persuasive letter to invite Children in Need to our event. Hopefully, they’ll bring Pudsey with them too!

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Mr. Benstead