Class 6 2017 – 18

Welcome to Summer Term 2018!


Welcome back for the final term of Year 3! This term our focus is The Stone Age and our essential question is: “Why is the Stone Age important to us?”

We will be covering:

Writing: recounts, diary entries, letters, narratives and much more. All the time working on our sentence structures, punctuation and vocabulary.

Maths: place value, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, measurement, time, fractions, statistics

Science: magnetism and light

History: the Stone Age

Computing: writing a blog

PSHE: healthy lifestyles

PE: athletics

….. and much much more!




We investigated this week, through observation, sources of light. We also asked the question, ‘What is light made of?’ By doing this we learned why the moon ‘lights up’ at night (it’s reflecting the sun!!!) and also exactly why rainbows are formed. It turns out that light is made of the seven colours of the rainbow. Who knew!?



Have you ever watched the end credits of the Flintstones’ cartoon? We did yesterday and then wrote a diary entry, imagining we were Fred. All sorts of things happened to him, including Dino nicking his chair, forgetting to put the milk bottles out, being locked out by the sabre-toothed tiger AND waking up the entire neighbourhood with his shouting and banging. Philip asked the question so many people have asked over the years ….. “Why didn’t he jump back into the house through the window?” !!!
Today we have had a visit from a Stone Age cave-dweller (courtesy of Portals from the Past). We took part in Stone Age related fun activities and learning all day, including herding a woolly mammoth into a swamp, sketching artefacts, a quiz and learning all about Stone Age life in Britain. 
Our visitor is on Twitter (@historytalker) if you want to learn more about him.

Welcome to Spring Term 2018!


So Christmas is over and it’s welcome to another New Year. This term our key question is, “Can we go above and beyond?”

Our learning will be based around the lives of three famous trailblazers: Amy Johnson, Yuri Gagarin and David Attenborough. We will be looking at how they went above and beyond and how we might emulate them. Our project outcome will be to find ways we can challenge ourselves and go beyond anything we thought we could do.




This term, as ever, our reading is extremely important to us and to help us become even better readers, we have a number of ideas.

  • children can show how they have read in an unusual place
  • there will be prizes for children who have read at home the most – 10 minutes each night – please make sure they bring in their red book every day
  • each day the children should bring their reading book in to school to either change or to read during the reading sessions
  • we are encouraging the children to read as much and as often as they can and to push the fact that reading is FUN!




 To launch our project this term we had a visit from Zoolab, who brought in a number of different animals for us to enjoy. We had a fabulous time!!







This week we have been concentrating on multiplying in 3s and 4s. We’ve been using arrays to show the multiplication but decided it was time to link at how we might move towards using the multiplication grid, so we began to create the array inside the grid and are now looking to be more ‘lazy’ and not bother with the dots!!!




In our PSHE learning we have been investigating recycling. We went through Mr Hempsall’s bin and sorted his rubbish into black and brown bins. However, we were very surprised how many things we thought should be recycled actually can’t be. Most of the plastic rubbish had to go into the black bin for landfill, which we didn’t know before.

This got us thinking and we researched plastic straws. To our horror, we realised that at the moment they aren’t recycled and that many of them end up in our seas, damaging wildlife and the environment.

Did you know that in America alone, 500 million drinking straws are used EVERY DAY!? We have written letters to suggest different materials the straws can be made out of: paper, metal, glass, silicone or bamboo. (Mr Hempsall had a vague memory of using paper straws at infants school, but he wasn’t sure – it was a very long time ago!)

SO, we are going to try to go above and beyond – we use 4 drinking straws each day in the classroom when some of us drink milk. Our challenge is to stop using straws at all, even if it means we just pour the milk into a cup.  We’ll let you know how we get on.




In science we have been tracking the route food takes from ‘mouth to flush’. We’ve created life size models of the body, showing the mouth, oesphagus, stomach, intestines, liver and so on.

We also have a long term experiment going on where we have placed food in a bag with acid (vinegar and lemon juice). We are trying to see if the food will break down like it does in the stomach. So far its happened really slowly which has made us ask ‘just how strong IS stomach acid!!!!’




We’ve been practising our multiplication and division skills recently and have been using arrays. We’ve used these skills to then move onto the multiplication grid (2 digits x 1 digit), first still using arrays but then moving onto numbers instead of dots. We then did the same with division so that we could see how division is the inverse of multiplication. Some of us even challenged ourselves with 2 digits x 2 digits and 3 digits x 1 digit!




Did you know bananas can grow in 135 different countries? We do now! We used the Tesco Groceries website to investigate where some of our favourite foods are grown.

We then looked at the atlas and tried to see patterns with where some of those countries are in the world. We noticed a definite pattern with the equator and those countries!



¿Qué tal? (How are you?)  ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)

We are feeling muy bien (good). Definitely not fatal (bad) !!!!




This week in science we have been investigating the circulation system in our bodies. We decided to observe changes over time, so investigated how our heart beats change as we change our activities.

We sat, walked, jumped, lay down, walked and sat again and each time counted our pulse / heart rate for a minute. We’ve plotted the information in a line graph and guess what ….. your heart beat really increases when you’re jumping!!!! Next job for us is to try to find out why ….




We are going to be writing a biography about David Attenborough and his amazing life so we have started by writing a biography all about Mr Hempsall!!! It’s not quite as interesting as David Attenborough’s and we hadn’t realised just how old Mr Hempsall was ….!




It’s been a strange February! First of all Mr Hempsall managed to break his leg in the science lesson and had to have a week off school. Then once he was back we had three days off because of heavy snow! So we have catching up to do. Even World Book Day had to be postponed and put back a week!




We were given the challenge of baking something special from fair trade ingredients for a parent’s coffee and cake afternoon on Friday 9th March. We decided to make Mr Hempsall’s speciality, chocolate banoffee pie!!





To get ready for Sports Relief Day on Riday 23rd March, we have started to choose how we are going to challenge ourselves and decide how we are going to ‘Go above and beyond’.


Each person in Class 6 is going to choose an activity that they aren’t sure they can do, to challenge their abilities, such as keepie-uppies for a minute, running around the school field 5 times without stopping and so on.







Welcome to Autumn Term 2017!


So the summer holidays have flown by and it’s time for a new, exciting term to begin. Mr Hempsall is the new Class 6 teacher this year.

Our key question will be “Is this myth or is this magic?” and we are starting with a Harry Potter themed day to get things off to a magical start!


We started our first day back with a magical Harry Potter themed day!



Well done to Keegan, our first star of the week, for an amazing positive attitude to his learning. 




We decided to investigate forces by making our own broomsticks to fly. We had a contest in the hall and talked about air resistance, gravity, pushes and pulls, and how our wings sticks could have been changed and improved





In our writing we are looking at instructions and what is needed to write them. We are creating ‘nasty potions’ and needed to work out how to create ingredients. This is how we got on …



In Class 6 this week we are improving our adding skills up to 3 digits (and 4 for a challenge!), also looking at how we use place value, columns and exchange. Some of us struggled a little to start with BUT Miss Wilkinson’s extra help has brought EXCELLENT improvements! Wow!




To try to improve our maths skills even more we have started a new way of learning our maths, with the Maths No Problem programme. It’s early days yet but we are enjoying using loads of resources and working in groups / pairs / independently.




We have a challenge! We have been set the challenge of creating a narrative story with setting, character, plot and conclusion. After we’ve drafted, re-drafted and finished our story, using a rubric we’ve created, we are then going to create a diorama to show a scene from our story. THEN we are going to create animations on the ipads as a final showcase. We’ll let you know how we get on but at the moment we are trying to make our stories as interesting as possible by using lots of description, similes, different sentence openers and so on.



Well done to Jayden and Paige, our Stars of the Week this week for great independent work




Not to do with Class 6 but Mr Hempsall recently got the chance to take a group of year 5 and 6 children to Lincoln University as part of a science day. They got a guided tour around the science campus (including a virtual reality drive of a Mini!) and took part in loads of science activities. The favourite part of the day was a real life bacteria investigation in the labs!




Last spring and summer Class 9 grew pumpkins on the school field with Mr Hempsall as part of a competition run by Bells Nursery in Bennington. we are very proud to be able to announce that our school won the first prize, £250 plus a trophy PLUS a tub of sweets!! We can’t wait to see how we’re going to spend the prize money …!

If you are interested in visiting their garden centre you can find more information on




As part of our narrative writing we have been making dioramas to show an image of our story.   Lots of children very kindly brought in shoe boxes to are with those who didn’t have one, which was a lovely and typical Class 6 act of kindness, and we used lots of natural materials, card, paper and LOTS of glue!!!




Ermine Music needs your vote!
Ermine Music currently works with our school hosting our school choir as part of its outreach project. They have been nominated for the Aviva Community Fund grant and in order to carry on the great work they do, the project needs support from the local community. To register your 10-in-1 free votes, please visit and follow the instructions. Thank you!
Many thanks,
Wil Jones
Musical Director
On Friday 10th November the school opened its doors to parents to come in and see how we enjoy our maths learning. Each class put on lots of activities to show the range of our learning but also to give ideas for what can be done at home. In Class 6 we showed iPad apps, online activities, lots of counting, problem solving, a game of Yahtzee and even card games!




As part of our science learning about rocks and soils we decided to try to create examples of the three types of rock (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) using chocolate!




Not exactly Class 6 related BUT Mr Hempsall and Mrs Dunbar took a group of ten KS2 pupils to Ermine Academy to take part in a Tag Rugby tournament, which had been organised by Synergy Sports team.

We played 8 games against teams from Reepham and Ermine and although we came third in the group our improvement was little short of sensational!





LAST YEAR’S CLASS 6 (2016/2017)

Our final Summer term 2017 Y3 exhibition

We showcased all our work from this term at Bishop Grosseteste University! So many parents turned up to see some exciting experiments, how germs spread, PE activities mini-olympics style and of course all our work!

Mini Olympics with Year 1

We finally got the chance to teach the Year 1 children how to complete our mini olympics challenge! We loved sharing our knowledge and helping the younger children to perfect their skills!

Smoothie making for our exhibition

We have researched the best smoothies recipes and then written our own, ready for our exhibition. Of course we had to try them out first to make sure they tasted good! We did all the chopping and peeling ourselves!

Spelling strategies in phonics

We have been learning a spelling strategy called mnemonics – it helps us remember the spellings of tricky words by thinking of a little rhyme to go with the word.

Mini Olympics

We have designed our own sports activities ready for the mini olympics we are holding for class 1 and class 2 in the last week of term!

We really hope that the Year 1 children enjoy our mini olympics! We’ve had to practise our team work and negotiation skills to make our activities successful!

Sports day practice! 

Are we ready for sports day this week? Yes we are!

Finding the features of a magazine article

Today we have researched what makes a good magazine article, so we can create our rubric. This will help us when we write our own on healthy lifestyles.

Drumming Performance

We have been practising how to play the drums all term ! We dedited to hold a special assembly for parents and other children in the school.

R.E sole lesson

The children arrived in the class to find a crime scene and a range of clues left behind. The challenge – find out who the skeleton belonged to! Can you work it out?

Finding the properties of 3D shapes

The children got messy today, trying to investigate the properties of 3D shapes! They counted the edges, faces and vertices!

Home Learning

The children have been completing wonderful pieces of learning at home!


The children continued with their own learning about our bodies – they looked at the major organs and their positions within the body. Again the children used their research skills to find out their own information.

What is a story mountain?

We have been using story mountains to help us to plan a story.


The story plan includes notes about a setting and character, with a huge problem at the top of the mountain! The writer then plans a resolution and the ending. These plans will help when the children write the actual story, and lots of details will be added to make the story inter sting and lively.

SOLE lesson

We have been thinking about how to let the children be more independent in their learning, so we set them a task to do without any support from us as teachers. We gave the children a skeleton that we in pieces, and they had to find out how to put it together. We didn’t tell the children how to do this, but they knew we had books and ipads in the classroom they could use.

The children worked in groups of three and  put together their skeleton. They had great fun doing it!


Science launch day!

We took part in a crazy science day, full of exploding experiments! The children all dressed up as crazy scientists and had a wonderful time!


Our end of term exhibition

We displayed our work at the front entrance of Tesco Lincoln and loved every minute of it!  Many of our parents came but also a lot of the public tried our food we made too!

Pin the final week leading up to the exhibition, we researched the best recipes for cake, bread and sou, then copied them out in our best handwriting so we could hand them out to the public. I wonder how many people have tried our recipes already?!


We also showed people how we made butter using double cream – we shook the cream in a pot until it turned into butter!

The ingredients that we used to make our products were laid out on the table so people could see how easy it was to make our food!

Exhibition preparation!

Here we are busy baking our products the day before our big day!


Our chicks!

Look at how much our chicks have grown! We loved holding them and watching them hop onto the floor and explore our classroom!


Mystery ransom note

Today a letter arrived asking for our help!


Some words were given to us all muddled up and we had to put the words together to make a ransom note. It was quite hard to start with!


Thankfully we ordered the words so we could help Farmer Giles, phew!

Cotehill Farm

We went to visit Cotehill Farm to see how they made cheese! It was very interesting! We saw how the curds and whey were mixed around in large containers and then the whey was tipped out to leave the curds.


We also fed the chickens and collected their eggs! one of the children took these photos for me!l


We saw where th Dow were milked twice a day.



The children chose which strategies they wanted to use to work out fractions of numbers.

IMG_0454 IMG_0453 IMG_0450

Outstanding homework


Naughty Pig!

The children came back from assembly to find their classroom had been trashed! They wee challenged to look at the evidence and work out who did it!


Looking at the evidence, who do you think was the culprit???

Chick update!

On hatch day, our little chicks started to emerge!



Our class have been waiting very patiently for our little eggs to hatch! Last week we had a visit from Joe at Rand Farm to check if our eggs had chicks growing inside! The lights were turned off so the photos are not very good!


We had 7 eggs that were growing, and 2 that were not!

What makes a good story?

The children searched through a range of different books to find out all the features a good story should have!


Improving Instructions

We have been doing a lot of work on instructions recently. Today we searched for a recipe for making either bread, jam, soup or cake. We compared it against our rubric to see if it was a good example or not. We then improved the recipe by putting it into our own words and adding all those important features we identified on the rubric.


Solving problems involving money

Today we were using a range of strategies to add together 2 totals. Some children added together the tens then the units, while others used the column addition method.


We’ve then worked in a pair to decide whether our answers were correct or not by comparing answers! Great teamwork!

Writing Instructions

Today we watched a video about how to make an animal mask. We copied the video step by step, so we got the mask correct. Later on in the week we wrote the instructions for someone else to follow.

Here is the link to show how we made our animal masks!

Using WOW words

We thought about words that we could se to describe scrambled egg! We then Tried to use our exciting vocabulary in our instruction writing.

IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410

IMG_0411 IMG_0412 IMG_0413

Maths challenge

Today we were challenged to make some new animal pens for a local farmer who had pens that were too small.

The children had to work out how to draw an animal pen using the perimeter they were given!

IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402

Science Challenge

Today we were challenged to make butter! no-one knew how to do this, so firstly we researched how to make it on the ipads. We then had a go ourselves in the classroom, following the instructions we researched. The link below shows some children making butter by shaking the ingredients in a jar, which is what we did!

However, we took our challenge further by investigating which ingredient made the best butter out of whole milk, soya milk and double cream.

Do you know which was the best one?????

It was……. the double cream!

Internet safety week

This week is internet safety week. Please have a look at the following link for lots of information on how to keep safe when using the internet. The children have already been watching some of the videos featuring Hector in class.

Here is a very important one about not giving out your personal details online!


Country Dancing

We have been getting ready to show some special dancing at our exhibition, called country dancing. We have been busy practising all the different dance moves this term, then next term we will be learning our showcase dance! See a little preview of what we have been doing below!


Our outdoor area

Heres an update of our outdoor area since our launch day – our seeds have been sitting on our window sill growing steadily! They will soon need to be planted outside!


IMG_0391IMG_0392 These scary scarecrows are getting ready for their special role of protecting our seeds!

IMG_0393 These posters are ready for when we plant our seeds outside!

Celery Experiment

The children were given some celery, a plastic cup, water and food colouring. They had to think of a question that they could find the answer to using the equipment.

Once their questions were presented to the rest of the class, the children set up their experiment.


What is going to happen? We made a prediction and next week we shall see if your predictions were correct!


What is alliteration? It’s where the wordsmith in a sentence all begin with the same initial letter. We worked in small groups to come up with some alliterative sentences.


Once we had a good idea of alliteration, we had to think of sentences to match a picture. This was very hard!!!

Follow up work from our trip to Tescos


Following our trip to behind the scenes of Tescos bakery, we practised writing clear and detailed instructions for baking bread. To help us make them perfect we acted them out first to make sure they were bossy enough! We had to use clear bossy words at the beginning of our sentences.

Trip to Tesco Lincoln

On our second day of term, we had our first trip out! We went to Tescos for a tour round the store. We were very luck to be able to go into the bakery and also to where all the stock is stored.

Our first task was to look at th packaging on the fruit and veg to see where they came from. We were surprised at how many different countries provide dour food. There were very few types of food that came from the UK!


We asked the fishmonger where the fish on the counter came from.


Standing at the fish counter asking questions!


We felt some dough and tried to describe it!


We watched some freshly baked rolls being put into their packaging.


The baker was placing dough balls onto stray ready to be baked.

We then came back to school and found some of the countries on a world map and began to show where each type of fruit and veg came from.

Spring Term Launch Day

We had an amazing launch day today!


Our essential question …..


Nicky from Uncle Henrys came to give us some fabulous information on farming.


Did you know there are 2 types of farms – livestock and arable.


We talked about animals that can be found in the farm and what food we get from them.


We dug the planters to make sure all the weeds had gone.


We have made scarecrows to scare the birds Away!


We have made bird feeders to keep them fed over the winter months. We won’t be putting them near our seeds!


Y3 Exhibition

We’ve had our exhibition and it was amazing! We had 20 families turn up from class 6 to see their child’s work! Thank you so much for coming, it really made the children’s day! Here are some photos of the work that was on show and the games that they children made up.


Egyptian Death Masks


Our stories that we critiqued in order to make better.


Outstanding homework


Egyptian Death Masks


Egyptian jewellery


Trying to scare the adults!


Exhibition preparation

Our exhibition has been booked – Wednesday 30th November, 10-12pm in the heart!

We have begun the preparation work all ready to show our work from this term.

The class has been divided into 4 teams – each has been given a different focus to research and gather all our learning, then write a script ready to present to family and visitors during our exhibition.

Each group has also designed an Egyptian game and made it by themselves ready for our visitors too.



Trying the skittles into mummies, then testing the bowling game out.



Using our designs to make Egyptian jewellery from clay. Lots more work to do on them before they are ready!


Cutting out mummies ready to hide around the heart for visitors to find and then crack the code!


Creating a parent challenge – match the word to the picture of the artefact!


Today we played some time games to reinforce our knowledge about o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We worked in small groups as we played our games, but most importantly we challenged each other to explain how we knew a time we said was correct.

We enjoyed being teachers for the session!


The aim of the game was to move your counter around the board as you roll the dice, reading the times as you land on them.


Matching analogue time with written times using half past


Matching quarter past written times with analogue times


The children looked at a range of leaflets and created a list of features that they could see. We then used these features to create our rubric for our work for the next 2 weeks.


What is gravity?

The children were given this question today and had to think of a definition!




And here is the official definition!

  1. IMG_0318
  2. We also watched a fab video all about gravity – watch it here now!!!
  4. Keep watching this space for the investigation we did all about gravity!


We have discussed in small groups what we think bullying is and compared it to a dictionary definition.


We then looked at some scenario cards and discussed how we could help if these situations were to happen in our school.


What makes a healthy body?

We have been looking at what makes a healthy and unhealthy body and the reasons why. We worked in groups to create a list of examples and the shared our ideas with the rest of the class.


We we also looked at our teeth and what we se them for. We created a list of foods that are good & bad for our teeth.


Next week we shall be learning about the different types of teeth and what specific job they do!

Freeze Frames

We have used the story of Moses as our focus in English this week. We decided to do some freeze frames in order to focus on character thoughts and feelings to help us with our understanding of the story.

There were some great facial expressions being shown and lots of comments relevant to what the characters were doing.

IMG_0283 IMG_0287 IMG_0290

Egyptian Necklaces

Today we googled what Egyptian necklaces looked like and discussed how easy orchard it would be to recreate a piece of jewellery using clay. We then went away and designed a first draft of a piece of jewellery – either a necklace or bracelet.


We then critiqued each other’s work in order to make our work even better. Guess what – we did another design using the advice given us! We are now ready to make our piece of jewellery next week. Watch this space!

Death Masks

Today the children were using their designs to make an Egyptian death mask!

Before the children could copy their design, they had to create a first draft and then critique their ideas. Most realised that they hadn’t labelled their equipment and so they couldn’t remember what they had used a week later. So the second draft was improved and labelled with equipment like pom moms, feathers, jewels etc.

20161018_141908 20161018_141900 20161018_141855

We love maths challenges!

Today there was a jar left in our classroom with a note saying that we need to work out what what code was in order to open the jar and find the treat! In order to find the code, they had to find the smallest and largest numbers using only set numbers and  equipment of their choice. We then tried the largest and smallest numbers to see if they opened the lock on the jar – and it did!

IMG_0268  IMG_0269  IMG_0275

Challenge based Maths

The children were given a problem to solve. They had to use trial and error to find out the answers, making sure they had followed each clue given to them. They also chose their own equipment to support their learning.

IMG_0262 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0263


What is a simile? The children were asked this today. They were shown examples on a PowerPoint and then had a go at practising their own within the context of our topic of the Egyptians.

IMG_0248 IMG_4989  IMG_4988  IMG_4987

The children were then challenged to use a simile in the next piece of writing!

Challenged based Maths

The children were given a range of number sentences with 10 more or less. They first had to find the answers, then were challenged to find a link between the answers in order to build a pyramid. If the children couldn’t see the link, they were encouraged to try again until the problem was solved! There were many people who persevered until the end!!!

IMG_4967  IMG_4966  IMG_4965

The children loved being challenged to solve a problem and they asked for more at the end!

Extending sentences in English

We were given a very boring sentence and critiqued what was wrong with it. We then wrote the sentence again, this time adding a conjunction. We critiqued again, and then added adjectives to make the sentence more amazing.

IMG_4963 IMG_4964 IMG_4962


In science we have been learning about fossils and the order of how they are formed.

You can watch the following link that the children saw in class about how fossils were formed.

The children were then challenged to investigate which classroom objects would be a good example of a fossil and which would be a bad example.

IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_4961

Do you think these are good or bad examples of a fossil? Let us know!

Welcome back Year 3 children!

Our new topic this term is the Egyptians! 

Our essential question is: What makes a successful museum?

Between now and christmas, we will be learning about:

Where Egypt is on a map





and all things Egyptian!

Class 6 2015 -16

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