Class 5 2017 – 2018

In English, we have been brewing a potion. It contained slug slime,unicorn blood and troll bogies! It smelt like an old museum and coconuts!

Welcome to our Class 5 blog!

Class 5 – 2017 – 2018

From September 2017, our teacher will be Miss Brown and our LSA will be Miss Wilkinson. Please follow our twitter page @stgac5 to see what we have been up to! Here is the link to our twitter page –

Our topic this term –
Autumn Term – Is it myth or is it magic?

Class 5- 2016-2017

During the Summer Term we will be learning about the human body as well as animals. We are going to learn about the inside of the body, keeping healthy through food and exercise. By the end of the the topic we will be holding a mini olympics.

Our Science Lab classroom

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Launch Day

During the Spring Term We are learning all about farming. Our essential question is ‘What is the best food in Lincolnshire?’ We will be learning about the different types of farming around Lincolnshire.

This term our essential question is ‘What makes a successful museum?’ The topic we are learning about is Ancient Egypt and by the end of the term we are looking forward to putting on our own exhibition to display the things we have made and the facts we have found out.

Class 5 – 2015 – 2016

We really hope you enjoy looking at all of our hard work and great experiences in school! Feel free to follow our class Twitter page to see what we get up to on a daily basis… @stgac5

Happy New Year! This term we have a very exciting topic and various learning experiences to look forward to! Our essential question this term will is ‘Where does our food come from?’ Our classroom have been completely transformed into a farmyard complete with a farm shop and some straw bales!



This week we have been learning to improve our writing using a picture to help with our imagination. We have been trying to improve our vocabulary by creating a word bank of all of the different adverbs, adjectives and connectives that we could use. We have also used personification!





Whilst learning about the Ancient Greeks, we decided to do an art project to show off our talents! We decided to draw a platter or fruit which we found on a Greek banquet! We really enjoyed learning about different pencil strokes and we took a lot of time and attention during our drawings. After two drafts and a final attempt, the drawings were amazing!




We kicked off this term with a fun-filled Greek drama workshop where we were able to re-enact the battle between Greece and Troy in slow motion! We also learnt lots about the Greek warriors’ adventures and lifestyle. We couldn’t believe that the battle lasted ten whole years!
Greek drama workshop

We spent some of our time acting as the warriors travelling to different islands whilst some of us were the monsters from the greek myths!


Last week, we worked so hard to use different patterns to draft our own Greek pot. We then critiqued each others’ designs before having another go.




After two drafts and a lot of hard work, the is the final result!