Class 4 – 2017 – 2018

Welcome to Class 4 – 2016 – 2017!!

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Welcome to the new term and a new year of learning in class 4.

This term we our kicking off our learning by considering our essential question ;

” What makes a great toy?”


We had an exciting project launch when we visited the Ritz Cinema in Lincoln for an exclusive private screening of Toy Story.

IMG_6922 2IMG_6920

Since then we have been learning all about what Toys from the past are like.


A super WELL DONE to everyone in class 4.

99.7% attendance.

Keep it up!!!!


The children have been busy this week reading and following instructions in preparation for making their own instructions to share with others on how to play different playground games.

IMG_7036       IMG_7040       IMG_7038

Our first fair test!

This week we have been trying to solve a problem of how to keep Teddy dry in the rain. We needed to test a variety of materials to see which made the best umbrella.

We had to learn how to work like scientists and carry out a fair test. This means doing each test in the same way, using the same equipment, for the same length of time. That way we realised we could truly compare results. Look at our pictures of us working in our triads as we test and record our results!

IMG_7131       IMG_7129 

This week Class 4 worked hard to help Woody. They wrote their own Lost and Found Stories because Lotso Bear had stolen all the stories from Sunnyside Day Care. 

Go Noodle Dance has proven very popular with the children in the morning. The children enjoy following the different guided dances moves to focus them and get their minds stimulated and ready for learning. 


Christmas Fun. Today the children have great fun watching and joining in with the pantomime Peter Pan performed by M and M Theatre Company. 

 IMG_7285 IMG_7293 IMG_7305

Toy Making.

Class 4 have worked hard to make different toys to sell at the christmas Fair.


IMG_7367   IMG_7368 IMG_7369 

Our Exhibition.


IMG_7366 IMG_7377 IMG_7378


Welcome to 2017!!

Our Essential question this term is: How can we improve the world? 

Come and explore Class 4. We have begun to create the Tin Forest. The classroom is split into two halves. One side made from rubbish and tin and other side is beautiful forest in which we all want to live. 

IMG_7498                                 IMG_7499 IMG_7502




TERM 5/6

Our essential question this term is: What makes the seaside special?

**Please come back and visit our page again soon to find out more about what we have been learning**