Class 3 2017-18

Our Essential Question this term is:

What does challenge look like?


W/C 12.3.18

This week in English we’ve been delving into the world of ‘The Tin Forest’. So far we’ve made predictions about the story, and used amazing vocabulary to write setting descriptions using our senses.

Ellie – “He saw a suspicious, metal bird.”

Fern – “He saw a majestic tiger.”

In maths we’ve been exploring pictograms and beginning to look at money.

It’s ‘Science Week’ so everyday we’ve been spending time looking at each of our five senses. We’ve explored our sense of touch by using feely boxes, and our sense of taste by guessing the flavour of different crisps and jelly beans!! We’ll also be making instruments and testing how loud they are using a sound meter app, using our sense of sight to explore lava lamps and optical illusions, and our sense of smell so compare smells we like/dislike.

W/C 5.3.18

In English we have been learning all about Explanation texts. We looked at what we need to have in an Explantion Text to make it fabulous, created a rubric for our own work, and have created our own all about the lifecycle of a sunflower.

In maths we have continued our work on measuring by reading scales of temperature and mass, and comparing measurements using <, > and =.

In science we each planted our own broad bean and we have started a bean diary so that we can watch it grow over the next few weeks. Hopefully our beanstalks will grow very tall indeed and even produce some broad beans that we can eat!!


On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We came as all sorts of characters including Fantastic Mr Fox, Harry Potter, Gangsta Granny, Matilda – to mention a few!


W/C 5.2.18

English: This week we’ve been learning all about what is needed to write instructions. They should include: A title telling you what it is instructions for, a list of what you need, numbered steps in order, imperative verbs (that means bossy verbs!) and time openers.

Here are Phoebe’s fabulous instructions on how to grow cress. We love her beautiful joined up handwriting too!

Maths: In maths we’ve been exploring length. Centimetres, metres, measuring, predicting, comparing. We’ve even had to measure wiggly lines with string!


Science: We got to use our measuring skills in science to see how tall our cress had grown. So whose cress was the best?

Taylor’s cress had grown the tallest – we were amazed as it had been kept in the dark cupboard!! We racked our scientific brains and came to the conclusion that it had grown tall because it was trying really hard to reach the light.

Lux’s cress had been grown on the windowsill, and although it wasn’t as tall as Taylor’s, it was much greener and healthier. We think that this is because it had quite a lot of sunlight and was also grown in soil so had lots of nutrients.


W/C 29.1.18

This week a children’s author – Grant Koper – came to visit us. He read his story ‘The Day Granny’s Knickers Blew Away’ which was really funny! We then got the opportunity to ask Grant some questions.

In science we had a challenge to see who could grow the best cress. Some of us used soil to grow our cress is, some of us cotton wool and some of us paper towels. We then chose where we thought would be the best place for our cress to grow: outside, on the windowsill or in the dark cupboard.

W/C 22.1.18

In science this week we investigated different surfaces. We conducted a fair test by sending a car down the ramp, and measuring how far the car travelled over the different surfaces.

It travelled the furthest on the paper and the shortest distance on the fabric. We decided that this was because there was more friction going over the fabric and this slowed the car down. We also tested sandpaper, bubble wrap and underlay. We also created some super graphs to show how far the car travelled each time.

#Anti Bullying Week 2017!

Some children came in odd socks today to help celebrate the fact that we are all different but all equal. We will be doing some activities all week about bullying and how to put a stop to it!

The children thought about how to respond to some different scenarios in pairs.

Scenario 1


scenario 2

Finally the children listened to scenarios and voted whether they thought it was an example of bullying or not.

Applying Maths Knowledge

The children were using their knowledge of adding single digit numbers to adding tens. They realised that 3+4 was the same as 30+40.

Using different mastery maths methods

We have been looking at different ways of woking out maths questions. Method 1 is adding tens then ones, method 2 is breaking down numbers, method 3 is column addition.


Column Addition

We have been practising column addition today!


Today the children have been planning endings to our stories! The children worked in small groups and used their setting to decide how to solve the problem in their story.

Tomorrow they will choose one solution from those created today and write their ending!

PSHE Problem Solving Afternoon!

The children worked in pairs to think about these problems that could be faced by children and then record a solution.

Expanded Nouns

We’ve been doing lots of work on expanded nouns!

Together we looked at some nouns associated with an image. We expanded them and then put them into the context of a sentence.

Maths Mastery!

Some animals had escaped in the enchanted forest and the Wizard had collected them into bags. The children had to add up the animals in the bags to check all the animals had been found. The children were asked to show their workings out in 3 different ways!!

Positions in P.E

The children had to investigate whether it was easier to run from different starting positions. They stood with their feet together, they kneeled, they laid down on the floor and they crouched. The children then voted for the position they found the easiest to run from!

Re-drafting our fairy door designs

We have copied the design on our fairy door, but this time we had to use paint as our media. Do you think our design is more careful than the last? Next time we shall be painting onto the real doors!

Number sequences

We have been looking at what happens to numbers when we add 2, 3, 5 or 10. We talked about whether the tens or the ones number changed.

Making Numbers

We have been looking at different ways to make numbers! Look at how hard we have been working!

Times Tables!

We are constantly practising our times tables so that we know them in order and then in random order!

Expanding Nouns

We have been learning how to expand nouns today! We were given a boring sentence that we had to add adjectives to, so that the noun sounded more interesting!

Number Bonds

We have been looking at different ways to make numbers! Some were easy ways but others were quite tricky!


Science Walk

We’ve been searching for materials, living things and objects around school. The children had to name what they saw and then decide which group they should put it in. We found that some items were in 2 groups, such as a stick (object and material).

Minibeast Hunt

We have started our Science work with a mini beast hunt! What do you think we saw? Can you spot the mini beasts? Look carefully!

Welcome Year 2 children and parents!

Our essential question this Autumn term is ‘Where can magic take us?’

We look forward to sharing our work with you throughout the year.

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We are using peer critique to improve our lighthouse drawings @stgacad
11/05/2017 14:35

Welcome to Class 3’s Page!

Welcome to the new term and a new year of learning in class 3.

This term we our kicking off our learning by considering our essential question ;

” What makes a great toy?”

We had an exciting project launch when we visited the Ritz Cinema in Lincoln for an exclusive private screening of Toy Story.

Since then we have been learning all about what Toys from the past are like.

Here is a picture of us playing some games from the past. How many do you recognise?


We are also beginning  a new way of learning maths in year 2 called Maths Makes Sense.

We are learning to use equipment to help us visualise maths ideas and skills.

Here are some pictures of us starting our learning journey.

PicCollage (1)

Being better never ends in year 2 and we are really beginning to focus on our targets for this year. We have been using our target cards regularly to help us to improve our work.

PicCollage (4)PicCollage (3)

Our first fair test!

This week we have been trying to solve a problem of how to keep Teddy dry in the rain. We needed to test a variety of materials to see which made the best umbrella.

We had to learn how to work like scientists and carry out a fair test. This means doing each test in the same way, using the same equipment, for the same length of time. That way we realised we could truly compare results. Look at our pictures of us working in our triads as we test and record our results!


Building 3d shapes!


PicCollage (2)


Our toy making project – Do our cup and balls work?

File_000 (1)


January 2017

We are learning about how to improve our world.

We are reading a wonderful book called “The Tin Forest”

This inspired us to work together on some collages.

We put 2 versions together to show before and after the old man created his beautiful forest.





Maths -Today we have been learning a new method of adding 2 digit numbers. We have used our skills to solve problems.

File_000 (3) File_000 (2)


We are using peer critique to improve our lighthouse drawings @stgacad
11/05/2017 14:35