Class 2 2016 – 2017



Term 5 

This term our Key Question is….. ‘What makes a Hero?’

Our learning will be organised into the following blocks:

Block 1 – Who are our real heroes?

Block 2 – Who is the best superhero?

Block 3 – What does a hero wear?

Block 4 – Can I create a superhero story?

Block 5 – Can I strut like a superhero?

Over the term we will be exploring the definition of a hero. We will begin the project by considering which people in our local community could be real life heroes. We are going to decorate and sell biscuits at the end of block 1 in aid of a local hero charity. We will then progress to explore the characteristics of fictisious superheroes using a variety of genres, books, comics, tv and film. We will also be going to the cinema during block 2 to watch the incredibles. Using our research on the characteristics of a superhero we will design and make our own superhero including a superhero cloak. During block 4 we will explore comics, ultimately writing our own comic stories. Our final block is preparing for our project expedition which is a ‘superhero catwalk’. Each class will have a superhero characteristic stand off against each other where we will determine the ultimate superhero.

Week 1 

What a busy week! We launched our new project “What makes a super hero by coming to school dressed as our favourite hero. we had some fantastic costumes including a suffragette, a RAF pilot, spiderman, wonder woman, nurses and doctors and many more.

We have also had visits from some fantastic local heroes. A doctor came to our class, she told us how she saves peoples lives when they are poorly. She also told us about what she does and the different equipment she uses.

At the end of the week the Lincoln fire service came to visit us in their fire engine. It was brilliant. They showed us all the equipment they use and the different jobs they do. We all go a sit in the fire engine. We have produced some fantastic writing about what our visitors do and why they are Heroes.

IMG_0788 IMG_0831 IMG_0854

Week 2

Our fantastic week of visits from some super local heroes continues. Nurse Amy came to visit us. She told us all about her job as a nurse and how she helps to make people better. She brought different equipment she uses to show us.

We were very lucky to have a visit from an RAF pilot.


Week 3

As block 1 of our project draws to a close we produced tally charts on which hero charity we would like to raise money for. We voted to raise money for a police charity. Next week we will sell biscuits we have decorated at play time.

We were all very lucky to have a visit from our local PCSO’s.

Week 4 

This week we have decorated and sold biscuits in aid of a police charity. We raised over £40.

Our learning of tally charts and producing block graphs has continued this week. We have gathered data of our favourite superhero and collated the data into a tally chart and block graph.

In literacy we have explored different genres; these include film, books and tv to determine the different characteristics of a superhero. We visited the Ritz cinema to watch the Incredibles. The children behaviour was fantastic we were very proud of them.

Week 5 

Next week the evil pea is making a visit will Supertato save the day?

IMG_2825IMG_2828  IMG_2843



Term 3

This term our Key Question is….. ‘Where can stories take us?’

Our learning will be organised into the following blocks:

Block 1 – What is a continent?

Block 2 – What is a setting?

Block 3 – What makes a good character?

Block 4 – What makes a good story?

Over the term we will be learning more about our world and the continents and oceans within it. We will look at various countries within each of the continents and will create our own continent fact books. We will share stories from each of these different regions and will eventually write our own stories using our knowledge of the geographical features of each continent and the animals that live there.

Week 1

We began this topic with a theatre workshop. During the day we used our imagination and acting skills to go on a journey visiting fantastical characters and places such as fire breathing dragons, magical wizards and ferocious jungle animals. We also learnt more about the magical world of Roald Dahl and completed workshops based on three of his most famous stories; Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and The BFG.

                                IMG_0907 IMG_0890

This week we also began our continents learning journey. The first continent we studied was Australia. We were very excited to hold a Skype conversation with Miss Foreman’s sister who lives in Australia….. She told us lots about her lifestyle, the weather and the animals that live there.

Week 2 

This week we learnt more about the continents of Antarctica and South America. We focused on the stories Emperors Egg and Monkey Puzzle and spent time studying the setting and characters in each of these books.

In numeracy we have been thinking about time vocabulary such as morning, afternoon, evening, first, now, later, next, before and after. We sequenced pictures from Polar Bears Busy Day and completed activities showing things we do at different times of the day.

Week 3

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…….

This week we have been practising reciting the days of the week. We have put them in order and have learnt songs to help us remember them. We also thought about the words ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’.

In literacy we shared the story of Handa’s Surprise and learnt more about the continent of Africa. We also found out more about the 4 countries that make up The United Kingdom

In art we enjoyed making ‘continent collages’ using different paper types in colours that reminded us of our chosen continent.

Week 4

What’s the Time Mr Wolf???

This week we have started to learn to tell the time. We made our own paper plate clocks to help us learn more about the features of a clock and began to read o’ clock times. We used our super time telling skills to make sure Squawk the Parrot did not miss any play dates with his animal friends!

   IMG_0960   IMG_0995

Using what we have learnt about the different continents we have begun to think about the settings for own our stories and have made plans for our own shoebox settings. We thought carefully about what made a good setting and created our own rubric which we used to critique and then improve our plans.

This week also saw the start of our ‘Super Story Time’ sessions during which parents are invited in on a Friday afternoon to share stories and books with their child. A great big thank you to all those that came along – it was lovely to see so many parents and we know the children loved having you in.

IMG_0717 IMG_0716 IMG_0720

Week 5

This week we have been super busy making our shoebox settings. We began by looking at the features of a list and made our own lists of the resources we would need for our boxes. We then got busy painting, cutting, sticking, collaging and decorating our own shoe box settings. We had some great ideas and we all think the finished results are fabulous.

Here our some of our shoe box settings based in South America, Australia, Africa and Antartica.


In maths we have been thinking about number bonds up to 10. We started the week by making our own bond bugs which are displayed around the classroom. We used multilink cubes to investigate pairs of numbers that make 10 and enjoyed completing number bond jigsaws and matching pairs.

IMG_0999  IMG_1019 IMG_1013 IMG_1015

Week 6

Having completed work on out story settings, this week we have been thinking about the characters that will feature in our stories. We began by thinking about other characters from familiar stories and sorted these into those we believed were ‘good’ and those that were ‘bad’.  We thought about common features of these characters and came up with lots of different adjectives to describe them.

IMG_0330 IMG_0332

Using what we have learnt about the different continents, we then chose our own story characters and completed our character plans.

In maths we have been practising using numbers to 50. We have been counting forwards and backwards, recognising, writing and ordering numbers to 50. We even had to help Colin the Caterpillar rebuild his body after he woke upon morning and had unexpectedly shrunk! Our teachers are very impressed by how well we have been working as a team to solve these number problems.

Term 4

Week 7

Wow what a Wednesday! Today we were joined at school by visitors from Raintree publishers  who spent the day working with us and helping us learn more about how a book is made. We were also lucky enough to hold a Skype conversation with Michael Dahl, an international author who has written over 200 books! He was brilliant and told us lots about his job as an author and even shared one of his stories with us…. all the way from America.

Version 2  IMG_1091

Version 2

In maths we have started learning more about coins and money. We are beginning to recognise different coins and have been using our addition skills to help find the total of different coins. On Tuesday we had to use of knowledge of addition and coins to help rescue our animal friends who had been trapped in cages all around the classroom…..

Week 8 

This week we have used our character plans to make our character puppets.

IMG_0771IMG_0786 IMG_0785IMG_0779

Week 9 

Beginning, Middle, End…….. This week we have planned our stories using our shoe box setting and character puppets. We have thought very carefully about the problem and resolution in our stories.

Week 10

Our stories are starting to look fantastic. We have used rubrics to improve our writing this week. We have written some wonderfully imaginative stories.

Week 11 – Wow we are all officially authors!!! This week we completed our final drafts of our book ‘Where can stories take us’ and we sent our book to the printers. We can’t wait to show our mums and dads the final product.

Week 12 –

The proof copy of our book arrived this week. Wow it looks amazing!!!

We visited our local library this week with some of our mums and dads to display the book we have made. We are so proud of it.

It is on display in school please feel free to come and read it.



Term 1

This term our topic is Castles. We have been thinking about our key question…..

‘Why would you like to live in a castle?’

Block 1 – What is a castle?

Block 2 – What are a features of castle?

Block 3 – Who lived in a castle?

Block 4 – What was life like in a castle?

Block 5  – What were castles celebrations like.

Week 1

We began the topic with a royal celebration. On our first day the classroom was filled with Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and Knights. We watched Cinderella, played party games, decorated biscuits and made our own crowns and tiaras.

In maths this week we have been practising our number formation and remembering what we did in EYFS.




Week 2

This week we have sequenced and retold the story of Cinderella.



In maths this week we have continued to refresh our memories of all the things were learnt in EYFS.


Week 3 

This week we have been writing our own stories about the ‘Prince’s busy day’. The children have tried really hard to write by themselves and have produced some amazing work.


In maths makes sense this week we have done some addition work using cups and have explored drawing straight lines using a ruler.

Week 4

What is a label? This week we have been learning what a label is and the correct way to label something. We learnt about the parts of castle and then labeled a castle.

Our maths skill this week was to accurately count out objects to 20. The children did lots of exciting activities in our classroom environment. The girls, in particular, really enjoyed using buttons to make jewel pictures and then counting the buttons they had used.

In Maths Makes Sense we continued to explore drawing straight lines and using cups to add and takeaway.

Week 5 

Something exciting happened this week. When the children returned to school on Monday morning the classroom had been transformed into a hairy scary castle. The children received a letter from the author of the poem ‘The Hairy Scary Castle’. It stated she needed their help to write some more verses. During the week the children learnt the poem, planned and wrote their own verses to the poem and then performed them at the end of the week.

The work they produced was amazing. They did some fantastic writing and were able to choose instruments to accompany their poems for their performances.

Our maths skill this week was 1 more. By the end of the week we really challenged ourselves and wowed Mrs Skelland with the way we worked independently to find 1 more than numbers we find a little bit tricky.

Week 6 

You won’t believe it, but whilst we were in assembly on Monday a very cheeky knight came into our school. He left the children a letter saying he was having a very busy day and left them clues as to what he had been up to. The children collected the clues and used them to write a recount about the Knight’s very busy day.

This week we also went on a school trip to Tattersall Castle. We had lots of fun exploring the castle and learning some medieval dancing.

IMG_0838 IMG_0903 IMG_0908 IMG_0904


Term 2 

Week 1 

We began the new term by having a day devoted to learning about Diwali. We made symmetrical rangoli pictures, retold the story of Rama and Sita and made our own diva lamps out of clay.

In literacy we have learnt about the features of information text. In maths we have been using different strategies to complete addition sentences. We have used our fingers, objects, dots and number lines.

Week 2 

This week we have been learning about people who lived and worked in a castle. The children all chose a character they had learnt about and produced a class information text.

In maths we have continued to learn different strategies we can use to take away; these include using objects and dots.

We are all really proud of our hard work over the last few weeks to produce our model castles. We planned what we wanted our castles to look like and critiqued them using a rubric so we could improve them. We then used our plans to complete our models.

Week 3

Neville the Knight has paid us a visit this week to assist us with our learning. In maths we have continued to learn different strategies to help us to complete takeaway sentences. We have used number lines to jump backwards. Squawk the cheeky parrot has also been back and once again he has been causing problems and leaving us lots of subtraction problems to solve! This week we have also been lucky enough to enjoy a Skype call with a Knight from Warwick Castle – he told us lots about the castle and about life as a knight… We were even able to ask him some questions of our own. Wow – what an experience!

Week 4

Neville the Knight was so pleased with the children’s efforts last week he has once again asked for their help with a number of problems. This week he has asked them to solve some problems involving measuring…. The children have been busy ordering his swords and special ‘dragon capturing’ ropes by length and had to carefully measure the dragon footprints in the classroom to try and work out which naughty dragon had pinched their plate of cakes.

Week 5

In literacy this week the children have been thinking about following and writing instructions. They carefully followed a set of instructions to make their own snowman picture. The next day they were then challenged to write their own instructions for their snowman pictures. We have played lots of games of Simon Says to practise following instructions and we have even began to think about ‘bossy verbs’ (such as sit, cut, draw, jump etc) and how important they are in instructions. We have also written invitations and made head pieces to wear at out castle exhibition next week

Week 6

WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who came to our castle exhibition. It was wonderful to see so many people there and we know how pleased the children were to share their fabulous work with you. We are immensely proud of how hard the children have worked this term and we hope you enjoyed finding out more about their learning this term.

Week 7

As Christmas draws ever closer, this week the children will be busy working on lots of Christmas crafts and enjoying lots of lovely things such as Christmas dinner, Christmas parties and a film morning. Look out for lots of lovely things coming home this week!

Again a big thank you for all those who made it to our Christmas Concert. The children enjoyed getting dressed up and sharing their singing with you.