Class 14 2017/2018

Our essential question is:

We are planning to transform waiting for children in waiting rooms. We are going to work with hospitals, doctors and dentists to offer a magazine targeted at children to place in their waiting rooms. Follow our progress below.


Cupcakes are made are ready for decorating tomorrow for our Fair Trade café.

Great work on measures – using units of length, mass, temperature and volume and converting between these. Great teamwork too.


Well done to everyone who went to read with Foundation Stage. You only need to look at their faces to see what a good job you did.


We are very proud of the whole school artwork – to be displayed in the Waterside Centre in Lincoln from tomorrow (Tuesday 6th February)

We had a challenge: Can you hit each of 3 dots with a beam of light, using mirrors but without moving the torch? One of the dots was behind the torch!


We are raising questions about light and preparing to investigate by demonstrating what we already know.

We have explored mood boards as a way of communicating the style of our magazines in order to appeal to our target audience. We explored the features, then created our own.

Our essential question is:


We will be exploring what it means to be homeless, its causes and the ways in which we can make a difference. We will be working closely with The Nomad Trust to produce a project outcome which will make real difference to the homeless through the winter and particularly at Christmas time. We are also going to write to Princes William and Harry to ask for their support with this cause, which we know is close to their hearts.

Watch this space to see how our project develops and to discover how you too can be involved.

We have been shopping to spend the voucher donated by Tesco to support our project.

We’ll use the items along with donations to make the Christmas bags for the homeless and hampers for the shelter.

Thank you to our local PCSOs who came to develop our understanding of substance abuse and how to keep ourselves safe.

We had a great day today, visiting the Nomad Trust shelter in Lincoln.

Thank you to all the parents who came in today to share our maths learning.

We have produced our final draft of our Banksy inspired art. We designed stencils based on our research into his style, we tested different stencilling techniques and we created and redrafted our stencils. We’re very proud of these and had a great time making them. There was some great teamwork and sharing too.

We have sent letters to local businesses, celebrities and even royalty to support our project to give Christmas bags to the homeless.

Thank you to Countryside Art who have donated 10 bags for our homelessness project.

We’ve had some really creative shared learning about homelessness this half term.

We have been celebrating achieving our bronze Dojo award.

Our project launch was a sleep out at school. We built shelters from cardboard boxes and spent the night under the stars in sleeping bags.

We’ve made a brilliant start to Year 6. We’ve learned a lot from Melissa from Nomad’s Trust and we’ve used our new learning to start work on homeless diaries.

Summer 2017 

Our essential questions is, ‘Can trash be treasure?’ Our mini outcomes will feed into our very exciting final exhibition at the Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln. We intend to sell our up-cycled pieces of furnitures on Friday 23rd June and Saturday 24th June, whilst also showcasing our creative fashion pieces. You can keep up to date with all the developments by following us on Twitter(@stgc14) & also on Instagram (@y6stgiles), we really hope to see you there.

Synergy Super League

Our first match in the Synergy Super League kicked off against our New Dawn friends, Hartsholme Academy. After such a successful season last year, where we finished runners up, there was a lot of nerves and excitement before the game. The team didn’t disappoint. They produced a sensational team performance; showcasing excellent passing skills and defensive resilience, which allowed them to win the first match comfortably. Well done team St Giles!

Up-cycling furniture

Our first mini-outcome is well under the way! Each group, have selected their piece of furniture and are applying their design to their furniture.

We have learnt so many practical skills: sanding, painting and waxing. Mr Barrett has always been on hand to help us learn new skills and complete our up- cycling to a high standard.


Please follow our Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts to see our fabulous creation’s journey.


We are so incredibly proud of all of the children in Year 6 for their tremendous attitudes to learning and for their determination and dedication to their SATs over the last few months. All of the staff, who have worked with you, have spoken very highly of you and as a school community, St Giles Academy are extremely proud of every individual!  We have approached revision in lots of different ways and a favourite was definitely the quiz- helped by the biscuits and crisps! It was lovely to see all the enthusiastic faces at breakfast clubs and enjoying spending time with friends and teachers.

Once the SATs had finished, we visited Pizza Hut as part of our celebration for all our hard work and determination. Pizza Hut certainly got a thumbs up from all the pupils with a wide range of pizzas and salad on offer. Thank you again to all the staff at Pizza Hut for being wonderful hosts.

Project Launch

Our project launch was held just before the Easter Holidays. Rebecca Millar from ‘Because It’s Beautiful’ on Lincoln High Street, held informative and exciting workshops for the whole of year 6. She demonstrated how to apply chalk paint and decoupage items. We were all given the opportunity to try our hands at decoupage and produced some stunning pieces. Once again, thank you Rebecca for your help and we can’t wait to start our new project!


We relaunched our project in May by watching University of Lincoln’s graduate fashion show. There was a range of stylish, fashionable designs invading Lincoln Cathedral. These gave us some excellent ideas about how to set up our fashion show up and possible designs we could create. Thanks again to University of Lincoln for hosting such a wonderful event.

Spring 2017

(1st draft of a video)

This week, we have been extremely busy in critiquing our continental videos. Our gallery critiques have been extremely successful, our children demonstrate the key components of critiquing (Be Kind Be Helpful Be Specific). Our skills on the iPads are unquestionable with some fabulous ideas, making our videos look really professional.

In week 1, we took a trip to Asia, or more specifically the Japanese restaurant called Wagamama. It was a phenomenal experience because we spent the morning doing a range of activities. We became professionals in the art of using chopsticks and could pick up individual pieces of sweetcorn, we became inventors and create our own delicious and super healthy juice by using passion fruit, mint and apple. Many of us were brave enough to try Japanese pickles, however very few would order them from the menu. And finally, we became chefs, measuring out our ingredients for a Ramen dish. After all this hard work, we was lucky enough to try our own Ramen dish. Everyone believed the food was exquisite and would certainly visit again. Once again, a big thank you to Wagamama staff on a fantastic morning and has certainly prepared us for the term ahead.

Our essential question this term is: ‘What is everyone searching for?’ We are going to explore the world and learn about breathtaking places. Our project outcome will be to create a detailed in-flight information sheet about a desired location. Our audience will be children and we hope many of our information sheets will travel far and wide across the globe on a range of flights.

Our Classroom has been transformed into a comfortable learning area to further promote and enhance independence and collaboration. We love using our giant map to further understand the world around us. The giant blackboard is a great place to collaborate, while our shiny cupboards can help promote independence and allow others to share ideas.

Autumn 2016

Our book is finally ready to be published! After many hours of critique and redrafting, we are satisfied we have created a book, which will send shivers down your spine! We decided upon creating a collection of scary tales; Class 13 creating their own, while Class 14 retold famous Lincolnshire ghost stories after being inspired by our wonderful Ghost Walk.

Currently, the books can be pre-ordered at the price of £4 pounds with a proportion going towards a charity decided upon by Year 6. Orders need to be given to class teachers or the office by Friday 20th January. We can’t wait to share our book with the world!

Click here to access the SATs practice guide




Our essential question is: ‘Where do Stories Come from?’ and our classroom has been transformed into a stunning old library, with stories coming to life. The class love to collaborate and are never afraid of a challenge!

Week 6

When we came back from lunch, there was clothes on the floor so are task was to make a design for our character Rumpelstilskin.  We had to design using sketching then once completed, we critiqued and decided upon the best items of clothing. Then we cut some of the clothes up to make them more realisitic and dressed Miss Rogan.


Week 5

The next two weeks we are focussing on traditional tales. The tale we have focussed upon was Rumpelstiltskin, we created a rubric to focus on our grammar and punctuation skills. During this week, we visited Class 6 with a version of `Rumpelstilskin and retold the story. Our wonderful audience, gave specific feedback, to help us improve the story and engage our audience. We created a rubric and decided upon making an e-book to improve the story.



Week 4

After fantastic peer critique, we made amendments and revisions to our first draft of ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’ and produced a stunning final draft with plenty of character description. Our iMovies were equally stunning, and we have published them onto Youtube for everyone to enjoy.


In maths, Miss Whitemore left us a budget challenge. The school set aside a budget for our exhibition (publishing a novel) and we had to decide if we had enough to purchase the materials required to make our novel.


Week 3

We switch our narrative writing to moral stories, in particular ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’. We created iMovies to improve our oral retelling and created a rubric focussing on character description.


In maths, we were challenged to locate a key to find treasure. The key was hidden in a book somewhere in our library, using our problem solving skills we unscrambled the letters to locate the key was in – Stig in the Dump


In novel study, we were identifying the themes in our new book, ‘Wolves in the Walls’. We are really enjoying the book, and can’t wait to find out what happens to Lucy.


Week 2

After improving our skills at writing a setting description, we wrote a final draft about the caveman. Trying really hard to incorporate everything from our own rubric.


During maths, William Windham reappeared again…



Our challenge was to complete the set of challenges left, to crack the code and unlock our precious iPads and lunches. We had till 12:30 pm to complete the challenge..

At 11:50am…


Second by second, time was ticking away. Until finally…

During the afternoon, we created our own cave paintings after excellent critique from peers. We shared our stories with Class 13 around a camp fire, while enjoying a delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Week 1 

In the first week, our books had been chucked out by a very mischievous ghost called William Windham. He wasn’t impressed with our tidying skills, therefore he demanded we ordered our books carefully.


Our first job was to understand the genre and put books into the correct pile.

In the end, we completed the challenge expertly using ordering numbers expertly.


Our star of the week for this week was: Bailey Botham because of an excellent attitude towards learning.