Class 13 2016

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Our essential question for this term is ‘Can trash be treasure?’ Our final outcome will be our pop up shop in the Waterside Centre on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June. We will be selling upcycled items and furniture on the Friday and Saturday and on the Saturday we will be putting on a series of mini fashion shows, showcasing our own upcycled clothing using recycled materials. We hope to see you there! Keep up with what we are doing here, on our Twitter feed and on our new Instagram account.

May 2017

We are so incredibly proud of all of the children in Year 6 for their tremendous attitudes to learning and for the gargantuan effort that they have put into their SATs over the last few months. All of the staff who have worked with you have spoken very highly of you and as a school community, St Giles Academy are proud of you.  We have approached revision in lots of different ways and a favourite was definitely the quiz-helped by the biscuits and crisps!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 16.49.39

April 2017

We held our project launch shortly before the Easter holidays and we took part in an upcycling workshop where we used chalk paint to upcycle some old tables and decoupage to upcycle some decorative items. Thank you to Rebecca Millar from ‘Because it’s Beautiful’ on Lincoln High Street, for a fantastic workshop.

We have started to plan our upcycling projects and are looking forward to making a start on them soon.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 16.40.26

Spring 2017

Our essential question this term is: ‘What is everyone searching for?’ We are going to explore the world and learn about breathtaking places. Our project outcome will be to create a detailed in-flight information sheet about a desired location. Our audience will be children and we hope many of our information sheets will travel far and wide across the globe on a range of flights.

Our Classroom has been transformed into a comfortable learning area to further promote and enhance independence and collaboration. We love using our giant map to further understand the world around us. The giant blackboard is a great place to collaborate, while our shiny cupboards can help promote independence and allow others to share ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 19.13.02

For our project launch, we took a trip to Asia, or more specifically the Japanese restaurant called Wagamama. It was a phenomenal experience because we spent the morning doing a range of activities. We became professionals in the art of using chopsticks and could pick up individual pieces of sweetcorn, we became inventors and create our own delicious and super healthy juice by using passion fruit, mint and apple. Many of us were brave enough to try Japanese pickles, however very few would order them from the menu. And finally, we became chefs, measuring out our ingredients for a Ramen dish. After all this hard work, we was lucky enough to try our own Ramen dish. Everyone believed the food was exquisite and would certainly visit again. Once again, a big thank you to Wagamama staff on a fantastic morning and has certainly prepared us for the term ahead.

October 2016

We are currently thinking about the question “Where do stories come from?”

We have been writing stories based in historical settings, stories with a moral story, and retelling traditional stories.

Our current essential question is ‘How do we overcome challenges?’. It will focus around the challenges that Year 6 will face in the coming months from SATs, learning about changes to their bodies and the transition to secondary school. Our final exhibition is our final challenge-entertaining an audience with our very own written, directed, choreographed and produced variety show…while serving the audience with a three course meal that we have planned and prepared!  Our learning space is themed as a restaurant with a kitchen and dining area.


Yesterday, Mrs Williams came into speak to all of year 6 and set us a challenge. She has asked us to prepare some videos that answer the question: ‘What makes a healthy person?’. She wants to showcase the videos at the school produce fair and use them to show to other schools within New Dawn Trust. We have until next Wednesday to produce high quality videos, which we will post the links to soon.


We have been revising exceptionally hard for our SATs, using our visit to Nando’s as a stimulus and also putting together a Science investigation. We have been looking at our pulse rate and thinking about the different variables that could have an impact on it. This morning we all looked at the legend of St George and the dragon and wrote our own versions, which we critiqued and redrafted.

Miss Rogan’s SATs group have spent the last two weeks working on a mini project to put together a St George’s Day afternoon tea. They have used their skills to decide on which ingredients they needed for their baking, how much they cost as well as how many tea pots they would need. They baked scones, prepared sandwiches and Miss Rogan, Mr Richards, Mr Johnson and Mr Starbuck served it to us.

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12/4/16 (pm)

Before we left Nando’s, the manager, Nick, gave Mr Richards this letter:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 20.42.38

It was asking us to look at some child friendly cocktail menus for Nando’s. The recipes were written in parts and we had to use ratio to find out the volumes of each ingredient that was needed. We created posters with the measures on which we sent to Nick and used to put copies of behind our bar in the classroom. We really enjoyed making the cocktails and improved our Maths skills in the process. One of the most surprising things was how good they tasted once we put a paper umbrella in the glass!


12/4/16 (am)

Today we had our project launch! We were lucky enough to have the chance to visit Nando’s in Lincoln and received a full tour of the restaurant and kitchens and were shown how a restaurant works. We learnt how to spatchcock a chicken by breaking the ribs and separating the wings and thighs, prepared salad with avocado and quinoa, how to meet and greet customers and how to prepare a menu for a restaurant. We also had the chance to try some of the food served at Nando’s and tested ourselves by trying the different spicy sauces (you can probably guess the photos pf this from the reactions!). A huge thanks to Nick and his team at Nando’s for a fantastic experience.


In term 2, our essential question was ‘Where will your adventure lead you?’ Our learning space was an island with cave, smugglers cove, giant treasure map and a fantastic boat!

20151231_120634 20151231_120711 20151231_120722 20151231_120641 20151231_120658

The following photos were taken from @DanielEOS tweet


Our project exhibition was fantastic!  Thank you to all of the visitors who came to see our learning and have a go at some of our challenges and competitions about different parts of Lincolnshire. A huge thank you to Daisy Made who came in with free ice cream samples and told us about the adventure of the grass as it is turned into ice cream and to the RAF Red Arrows who were so helpful in providing information to the groups that shared their learning about the adventures of the Red Arrows. There was information about Lincolnshire food, the Magna Carta, Lincoln Cathedral and the adventure of the first tank.

Below are a selection of photographs fro the exhibition:




The children have really thrown themselves into their learning since we came back to school two weeks ago! Our project launch was an adventure: a treasure hunt around school which required the children to work in teams to solve riddles, solve problems and crack codes!

They have been looking at instructions and have created their own video and written maths guides, which will be critiqued and improved with help from parents at our Maths morning on Thursday 21st January. The videos will then be uploaded to YouTube to help us 9and anyone else!) with their calculation strategies.

They have been researching about continents, oceans, the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Tropic of Cancer and biomes. They are currently using this information to create interactive, digital content to create interactive World maps which will be displayed in the atrium area.

On the adventure theme, we have been thinking about how we could build effective dens on the field and about the materials we can use that would help them to be weather resistant.



Last term our essential question was ‘What is freedom?’. We looked at what freedom has meant to people in history an what it means to people today in different parts of the world. Our exhibition took place in the exhibition space at Lincoln University and included an auction of our fantastic art pieces, a raffle and Year 6’s very own rap album playing in the background!  We raised over £320 for our chosen charities which were Save the Children and Barnardo’s. Over 100 people came along to see what we had done including students, families and several members of the public.   A Save the Children volunteer called Josie travelled from Leicestershire and her colleague Sam travelled from Staffordshire to come along and talk about what some of the money we raised will be used for. In addition to this, Year 6 had written, produced and recorded their own rap albums which are available on Google Play at the following link:

All money raised from the sale of the album and from the tracks on it is going to be donated to Save the Children. We really enjoyed this outcome, as we used our learning from poetry, computing, music and then maths to help us set a fair price, which also had to consider the fees and commission we have to pay Google. So far our album has been previewed and streamed all over the world (including Russia and Japan!) and we would love to keep selling copies so we can raise money for what we think is a great cause!

20151214_181345 20151214_174723 20151214_173224 20151214_181400 20151214_174728 20151214_173229 20151214_174737 20151214_173236 20151214_171940 20151214_171902 20151214_175345 20151214_174739 20151214_173326 20151214_171950 20151214_171906 20151214_173424 20151214_172043 20151214_171911

Welcome to the ghetto

Welcome to the ghetto


Since our last post we have been carrying on with our hard work! The date and venue have been confirmed for our exciting exhibition, which is Monday 14th December at Lincoln University.  We will be auctioning our art work to raise money for our chosen charity, Save the Children. We chose Save the Children because of the work they do around the world to help children’s rights and to help them be free. We are also hoping to launch a Year 6 rap album! We spent some time listening to a range of hip hop songs and created a success criteria for the backing track and lyrics.  We have been using our music and programming skills to create backing tracks using Garageband and our writing skills to write lyrics.

In our art groups we have started to collect ideas in our scrapbooks and come up with our final ideas which we will start creating drafts of and critiquing over the next few weeks.

We were also very lucky that we had a graffiti artist called James (from imageskool) who came in and worked with Year 6 to create designs based around Lincoln and school to decorate the dull storage containers that are in the playground. This was something that we really enjoyed and our work has had a really positive impact on everyone that has seen it.  We had some visitors in just before half term who some of us took to show our work and they were very impressed!

Here are some photos of our graffiti:

File_008 File_007 File_005File_006 File_004 File_002 File_001 File_000 File_003


We have had a very busy and hectic few weeks.  We spent a week out of our classroom working in the heart while our fantastic new cloakrooms were being completed. One of the best parts of this was getting the chance to work together with class 14 and sharing our learning.  As part of our project, we put together our own ‘Children’s Charters’  based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. In Math we have been looking at improving our multiplication and division skills.

On Friday 25th September we were very lucky and had Mr Smith from the literacy shed come and visit us.  We looked at using film to develop our writing by using a short film called ‘Le Chaperon Rouge’. It is a futuristic version of Little Red Riding Hood and has no dialogue, but the tension builds as it goes on.  We looked at building tension through the use of exciting vocabulary and adjectives and some of the writing earned places in the book of excellence!

For our exhibition we will be putting on a charity evening with class 11, class 12 and class 14 and as a yeargroup, Year 6 have chosen to raise money for Save the Children.  We have gone on to research the charity and used our knowledge of non chronological reports and web design to create a web page about them using Google Sites.

On Friday 2nd October, we arrived at school and we were not allowed into our classroom until after assembly.  When we went in we saw our room had been trashed and there was complete devastation! Anger, upset, frustration and shock were some of the emotions we felt as we pulled together as an amazing team to tidy up.  Mr Edwards asked us to write a newspaper report to explain what had happened and how we felt.  In teams we set out to interview (in some cases quite aggressively!) staff to see if we could find out more information and for their take on what had happened.   Below are some photographs of what the room looked like:

20151002_095102 20151002_095106 20151002_095111 20151002_095121 20151002_095407 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0215


Wow what a fantastic first week! Class 13 have been incredible and have shown a brilliant attitude to being back at school.  We have created our own graffiti tags using multiple drafts, researched and presented our learning about Dr Barnardo, had our project launch at the Southwell Workhouse and completed some writing about being a child going into the workhouse.

Here are some of our drafts and finished graffiti tags:

IMG_0156 IMG_0155 IMG_0157 IMG_0159 IMG_0163 IMG_0162 IMG_0170 IMG_0166




At the workhouse, we went into the role of Victorian pauper children. We were greeted by the master and matron and segregated into boys and girls. We were given a tour of the workhouse and shown and told about what life was like.  We also had a traditional Victorian lesson in a drab, dull classroom sitting in rows. We all agreed that this was not a way we wanted to learn!

IMG_20150909_115000742 IMG_20150909_114441566_HDR IMG_20150909_113455345 IMG_20150909_112850865 IMG_20150909_112745948_HDR IMG_20150909_112553542 IMG_20150909_104920569_HDR IMG_20150909_104720764_HDR IMG_20150909_104314618_HDR

Here are some pictures of us hard at work in our new learning space:

IMG-20150911-WA0000 IMG-20150911-WA0001 IMG-20150911-WA0002 IMG-20150911-WA0003 IMG-20150911-WA0004 IMG-20150911-WA0006