Class 11 2016

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This term, we are exploring HOLLYWOOD and thinking about our time in Year 5

What have my achievements been?

How have I grown?

What makes me a star?


The room is ready to go!

We have a stage, a backstage area, a VIP box and our Hollywood walk of fame.

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So proud of all Year 5. We had a brilliant time the The Kinema in the Woods learning about the history of the cinema and watching the famous Compton organ being played (1 of only 3 in the World). Then we had a private screening of ‘Hugo’ which was a beautiful film set at the time of the early days of film making. The children were so polite and respectful and we couldn’t have been more proud. It was a lovely day.

Thank you to all our parents who came to our reading afternoon and shared our reading activities. We did all sorts of things including puzzles, games, matching activities, jokes and following origami instructions.

A message for 007 fell into our hands today. See how we did …



IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0391

We are investigating the friction of different surfaces for 007.

Which should he be more careful on?

How will his trainers perform in different environments?

IMG_0380 IMG_0383

What are the effects of air resistance?

This video clips got us asking questions and thinking. Take a look:

Here we are testing out our theories.

IMG_0365 IMG_0367

To make our tests, fair, we kept the pieces of paper the same size but changed the shape each time. We also dropped them from the same height.


Can learning prime numbers be fun? Yes – in Class 11



We are exploring the impact of human activity upon planet Earth this term.

We have been posting our persuasive leaflets to local residents and our letters to our MP are on their way

Posting AS and AS Posting LT and LS

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.23.25

Which is the scarier looking class – the one above, or this one below?


We had a real treat this morning when the Chapel Hill Duo came in to play LIVE music for us on classical instruments. We heard jazz, classical, film themes, folk …. It was great and the children loved it; it was a ‘first’ for many. Watch the video below:


Well done to our brilliant athletes who competed in the Synergy athletics tournament. Well done to all the schools and thank you to Synergy.


Gorgeous homework. We have recycled containers and turned waste card and paper back into trees …

IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332

We won the attendance cup AGAIN! Here is Giles the bear with Leonie at Lincoln City Football Club. He has the best time in Class 11. Keep up the great attendance and we’ll see what we can do with Giles next time.


We have had some beautiful and creative homework from the children. They were challenged to reuse something which they would otherwise have thrown away. They made Pokémon containers, a tea light holder, pencil pots, decorated storage jars and even chicken soup. Well done everyone.


These are our beautiful pieces of artwork based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

We have chosen natural materials from the environment we’re working in and have sculpted shapes that reflect the surroundings. Nature will take the art away with the weather – just like Andy Goldsworthy’s.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234

We have been working in groups to present our learning about our Earth in space and to create a teaching tool for others. Some of us made a video to show how we collaborated and organised ourselves. Click on ‘Collaboration’ below to see it.


It’s the 1940s in Class 11 this term. Bombs have already fallen, but thankfully we have our own anderson shelter.

So lucky!

We have had a FANTASTIC morning with Class 9 where the children led a Roman workshop and taught our class about Roman life, helped them weave sandals and taught them how to play a Roman board game. We even watched a play they performed. Thank you Class 9.

IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172

Logic and problem solving … on a Friday afternoon too!

image image  image image

We have been reading ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and looking at how the characters are changing as the story develops. We sorted descriptive phrases comparing Will and Tom as they were at the start with the way they are by Chapter 4. We used dictionary skills to understand words which were new to us and used our English wall to find powerful adjectives of our own. Teamwork was great for explaining our choices to others, reflecting on their ideas and amending our own.

Quote of the day: “I think Will saves Tom from himself.” Ben



We have produced some beautiful home learning, choosing an aspect of WW2 to explore and deciding for ourselves how to present our learning. Work includes a cake made to a WW2 recipe, an information board, a model of a gas mask box and a model Anderson shelter.

image image

A while ago, we shared our first drafts of our searchlight pictures and the piece we took as inspiration. Here are some of our finished chalk and charcoal pictures. We are very proud of them as they show different techniques and the contrasts of light and dark.


Today we received a message from Winston Churchill about a top secret mission pod which had accidentally dropped into the school grounds. Luckily, we found the capsule and solved the problems inside. The fate of the nation was in our hands!





image image

We have investigated the layout features of non-chronological reports and have been planning to use them in our own books about Judaism. We have had to think about how each helps the reader in order to use them effectively.

image  image

We have taken this piece of art as our inspiration for some wartime art of our own.

Searchlight inspiration

We are trying different techniques using charcoal and chalk on our first draft.

Art 2

Art 1Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.18.15

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.25.50

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.25.29

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.25.02

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.17.13

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.24.24

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.24.05

Last year ……….

Welcome to Class 11’s Page

This term the children shall be looking at the Victorian Era in order to answer our essential question ‘ What is Freedom?’

The children have settled in well in Year five and have shown Miss Lake what such great learners they are.

What the children want to find out this term!

Writing what they would like to learn about the Victorians

Writing what they would like to learn about the Victorians!

The children decided that they would like to discover: What it would be like to live in the Victorian Era. This linked well with our essential question as the children are discovering what freedoms we have now to what they had then.

The Southwell Workhouse Trip

As part of our project launch the children went back in time to the workhouse, experiencing what children in the Victorian times would have.

Boys lining up to enter the workhouse!

Boys lining up to enter the workhouse!

The girls being registered before they entered the workhouse

The girls being registered before they entered the workhouse.

The children found out that the teachers during the Victorian times were a lot stricter than their teacher nowadays!

Follow our page to see our learning journey!

Our week in the Heart!

Due to our classroom cloakroom being decorated, Class 11 with Class 12 worked in the heart for a week! Children work well during this time. They especially enjoyed the drama challenge Miss Lake and Miss Knight gave them!

They were to create and perform a part of ‘Oliver Twist’! Children planned, used props and performed to an audience (Year 1s!!!)


The children in the afternoon performed for Year 5 as a dress rehearsal and then for Year 1s too! IMG_0125

Miss Lake and Miss Knight were super impressed with the effort the children made, requesting that we do more drama activities!

 Calling all class 11 Reporters!

During the next few weeks children in Class 11 will be come reporters and develop their journalistic writing by solving the mystery of Jonathan Hollow.

Using a video from the literacy shed, children were reporters and had to collect all the information they will need to solve the mystery themselves.


The children were practicing essential skills for them to become TOP reporters! They were learning how to quote people within their reports using inverted commas. Also they were developing their skills using the thesaurus to find and use other words for ‘said’.

Miss Lake is looking forward to the children Critiquing their first drafts next week and deciding together what they could do to improve theirs.


This week children were given a challenge to present arguments for and against bringing back the cane within schools. Both classes in Year 5 worked together to produce this debate.

Watch the video here and see how they did!


Spring Term

Over the christmas holidays our classroom changed from a Victorian Schoolroom to the cold and freezing Arctic! We also have a new essential question to answer this term.

‘Where will your adventure lead you?’

The children have settled in well this term and are using the learning environment effectively. Class 11 have started the term by writing adventure stories and then TAGging their work and improving parts of it. Some children have used their learning environment as a stimulus for their writing, setting their stories in the deep, desolate Arctic!

Famous People from Lincolnshire!

This last week children in class 11 have been looking at famous people from Lincolnshire. Children have become quite interested in researching about a famous Arctic explorer who was born in Spilsby!! Sir John Franklin; This last week the children have been creating a timeline of his life and also gathering information for their biographical writing. This information will be used for our final exhibition.

The children were tweeted about a website dedicated to Sir John Franklin! They were really interested in what the children have been learning about him and informing them about information about his exploration to the Arctic.

Children this coming week will be creating their first drafts of their biographical writing, they also will be creating and designing surveys to support their learning in Maths and Science as children during their PE lessons are creating obstacle courses as a mini outcome.

 Biographical Writing

The children for the past couple of weeks have been writing and editing their pieces of biographical writing about Sir John Franklin. The children this week have been looking at what needs to be included in a video biography and the children have been creating scripts for these and next week we shall be videoing and TAG critiquing our videos ready for our exhibition.

Maths Wizards

This week Class 11 have been independent learners and choosing from a range of activities which will help achieve our own personal targets. All activities this week have been focusing on geometry, so children have been investigating shapes, angles and co-ordinates. I have been really impressed with the independence and want to learn and achieve targets!