Class 10 2016


 This term, we are reflecting on our own achievements over the year and celebrating with a Hollywood style Oscars ceremony at the end of term.

Our room reflects the magic of Hollywood.


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Spring Term:

Natural disasters; is it our responsibility to help? 

This term we are focusing on Europe and will be investigating different natural disasters. The children will debate which natural disaster they think is the worst and then decide what we can do to help.

Fractions, decimals and percentages



We have created our own pictures and written what % each colour takes up. 





We were really lucky to have lots of parents come in and listen to us debate about which is the worst natural disaster.

The children worked in cross class groups to create their persuasive arguments and then presented these arguments. Everyone had to vote which one they then thought was the worst….volcanos won!!


7.3.16 Classifying shapes 

this week we are learning all about properties of shapes and have been creating our own systems for classifying 2d and 3d shapes.



Look at our project launch of ‘Welcome to Europe’:

Modern Myths

We have now moved onto looking at modern 21st century myths and investigating what they explain and why we still have them.

Our own modern myths are being planned and created with some friendly critique from class 8 to help us. 


Children in Need 2015



11.11.15 Diwali Rangoli patterns

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We are restaurant critiques this week. We will be looking at menus and improving them as well as writing our own restaurant reviews. 

In maths we will be presenting the data from our hummus tasting survey; learning all about graphs and data analysis.


Art week

We kicked off the week by visiting the Usher Art Gallery. The children critiqued the artwork that they saw and took notes on the different mediums that had been used and different ways of presenting the art.

We then used peer and self critique to make multiple drafts of the artwork to go with the myths. At the end of the week we invited people to come to our own gallery of artwork which was held at the Methodist Church.

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16/10/15 We are authors

All of year 4 have been writing their own Ancient Greek myths. These will be published into our own book for everyone to be able to enjoy.

28/9/15-2/10/15 Maths challenges

This week has been full of challenges for Class 10.

We had to help Icarus rebuild his wings by using our metal maths skills to answer times table questions before the time ran out and it was too late for him! To make sure that each others wings were ok we peer marked them using multiplication squares; if they weren’t right the feathers had to be ripped off!!

We also had to help Hercules with his homework and explain how he could answer multiplicity questions using the very little knowledge that he already had. 



26/9/15 Macmillan coffee morning

St Giles Academy has done a fantastic job of raising money for Macmillan…over £500!!

All that cake certainly helped to fuel some amazing work in Class 10.

Here we are creating our non chronological reports about Ancient Greece.


 23/9/15 Portals to the past

Year 4 were so lucky to have a horrible histories visitor who ran Ancient Greek workshops with us. We all had such a fantastic day and learnt so much about Ancient Greece.

Look at all of our AMAZING pictures. 

WP_20150923_10_01_14_Pro   WP_20150923_13_30_52_Pro WP_20150923_11_57_16_ProWP_20150923_14_15_33_ProWP_20150923_13_30_21_Pro WP_20150923_14_42_18_Pro IMG_2528

Who was the most important Ancient Greek?

Class 10 decided that Hippocrates was the most important Ancient Greek but there were good arguments for Alexander the Great and Plato. They had to research the historical figures and created arguments to persuade everyone else why they thought they had the biggest impact.

Greek dancing:

The whole of year 4 got together to do some Greek dancing.  

We had to work hard to get our timing right! 



Why do we still have myths in the 21st century? 

This is our essential question for the first term. We will begin by exploring life of Ancient Greece and their myths, then we will move onto discovering what Greece is like in the 21st century. Finally, after half term we will be looking at modern myths and finish by creating our own 21st century myths. 

We have just finished our first week of the year and have already achieved so much. It’s going to be a FANTASTIC year. 

On Tuesday we had our project launch, engaging ourselves into the life of Ancient Greece. We were very lucky because we all got to spend time with all of the year four teachers (Mrs Rumbold, Mr Hempsall and Mrs Nicholson). There were some fantastic artists who drafted and critiqued their designs of Greek vases, the end products look amazing. With Mr Hempsall we were able to find out about life as a Greek soldier, I wonder how many children would have wanted to be one? Mrs Rumbold was very lucky to have the help of Mrs Hempsall who helped us all make our very own Greek baklava parcels. There were mixed opinions on the dried figs!

In English this week we have been learning about what makes a good recount and after lots of peer feedback we wrote amazing recounts of our Greek day.

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In science this term we will be learning all about light. Our first lesson this week was a SOLE sessions where the children worked together to answer the question:

What is light?




Don’t forget we start swimming lessons on Thursday 17th September.

All children will need a towel and costume/trunks. 

There is no cost.